0 Controlled Demolition, NOT

Controlled Demolition, NOT

This is how they sometimes demolish things around. Not much of a
controlled environment, really. Also, the white van is a police van.
0 Winter In the Neighborhood

Winter In the Neighborhood

This artwork tells the story of the times when the Internet didn't exist and the people of USSR found their way outside to get themselves entertained. The picture was created by I.Popov in 1964
in Russia but is being stored in Minneapolis Museum of Russian Art. Inside there is a close look on the fragments revealing the details of exactly what people did at that times.
58 Crimea (Ukraine) Yesterday

Crimea (Ukraine) Yesterday

Some photos taken in Crimea, Ukraine yesterday. Photos are from different sources and are describing the situation as a whole. Also, according to Wikipedia and the Ukrainian census of 2001, the majority of people
in Crimea (77% to be exact) are considered to be native Russian speakers. 97% of people of Crimea conduct their daily communications in Russian, so these photos can be understood as somehow sincere.

43 This Car is Crazy

This Car is Crazy

A Russian guy has built this car. He said he used computer 3D modeling software to design the outer appearance and the suspension characteristics of
his future car. Then he, with friends, built it. You will have now a unique chance to review his creation one of the first in the world!
4 Mid Summer Snow in the Mountains

Mid Summer Snow in the Mountains

It must be cool to find snow in the middle of
July! But where? For example, in Kazakhstan.

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