5 One of a Kind Vintage Soviet Panoramic Cinema

One of a Kind Vintage Soviet Panoramic Cinema

Posted on March 31, 2014 by tim

A vintage Soviet panoramic cinema was found to be still working in Moscow. Here is a story about the place, as told by Irina M. who currently works there. The facility that was built in 1959 included twenty two cinema projectors and twenty two screens running simultaneously. Nine speakers were installed in the floor to create surround sound. Back in 1959., the movies were created with a special rig of synchronised cameras placed in circle. It makes me think of the modern Google maps camera rigs, which are placed on cars. As Irina says, the setup could be placed on top of a car, a boat or even a moving train, and could be controlled remotely.

One of the current projectors.

The cinema building now, its round too.

And the building in earlier times.

The panoramic movies were in production up until 1993!

Sometime later, in 1965, the panoramic cinema was rebuilt. To reduce the costs, the twenty two projector – camera setup was changed to eleven camera – projectors. It looks like each projector was numbered, and had its own emergency start – stop button.

The projectors are also numbered. As Irina says, there were two devoted women who took care of all these vintage machines, and mainly thanks to their efforts, the panoramic cinema is still working today.

The projectors were upgraded Russian movie projectors and the soundtrack was not included on the reels as the sound was recorded and played separately. The framerate was 25 fps instead of usual 24.


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  1. Dag says:

    100% pure propaganda

    • Guest says:

      You on drugs?

    • MAXDMG says:

      Did you know that the USSR was shot not only propaganda? Very vain, some films have won the Oscar, some people later 30-40-50 years looking with pleasure and these films of different genres from Comedy to tragedy.

  2. tony says:

    This is such nostalgic junk. Try an Imax cinema for the real thing.

  3. Kate Brady says:

    I think I love nostalgic junk. Does it actually have seats now? I have to go here.

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