23 Moscow 30 Years Ago

Moscow 30 Years Ago

Posted on March 31, 2014 by team

Past always seems to be better than it really was. As if people were kinder, the country was stronger, the city was cleaner… But photos like these ones return us to reality – those times were rather contradictory. They were made in 1984 in Moscow by a Dutch traveller Aad van der Drift.

“Glory to the communist party of the Soviet Union!”.

“March 4th, 1984 – Come to the elections!”


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23 Responses to “Moscow 30 Years Ago”

  1. Dag says:

    Only those who lived under conditions know misery of living in police state. Brainwashing with propaganda and party leaders who lived in luxury. Others starved and were exterminated by KGB secret police.

    NO one had personal address books, because you would be arrested when the person with address book was arrested (with your name) enemy of state.

    • asdasd says:

      Are you talking about the USA?

      Because I have many addressbooks from my grandma and parents who were born and lived in the Soviet Union. Noone cared if you had addressbooks, they were sold in shops everywhere. Or is this more of the American propaganda we all learned to love?

    • MAXDMG says:

      These people may not lived lavishly, but live normally. Much better than the wildest stratification of society now. And alcoholics and drug abusers, rapists and murderers was much smaller and honest and kind people more, here is the paradox that?

      • Turbofan says:

        Paradox is that you are an idiot lol kinder people? sure, nazis were kinder too another 4 decades ago…not

        • MAXDMG says:

          You see why my parents and relatives are quite good although people lived in “totalitarian” USSR. They got a good education, they were working, they were free allocation of apartments, free taught and treated free. So you’re the idiot for not seeing the obvious)

  2. Dag says:

    Only those who survived the regime know the horrors of communism -

    • Guest says:

      I’m definitely no communist but what decades of the USSR are you talking about?!?!

      The 60’s, 70’s and 80’s were different from the 30’s!

      The main group that was persecuted throughout the entire period of the USSR were protestant Christians.

    • MAXDMG says:

      Indeed, as my parents and other relatives there survived — they had cars, were free apartments were plots with houses on them, free education, free medicine, a cheap gas prices\water\gasoline\food, public transport, even apartments were given free. Awful lived, not as in democratic 90s.

    • carsten says:

      USSR after Stalin was very uncomfortable to live in, but was far from being a “horror”.

  3. Otis R. Needleman says:

    In March 1984 I lived in Texas. Spring was warm and sunny and there were no shortages of anything.

  4. Slobodan says:

    Makes me miss the old USSR. Now I live in USA, is ok, like USSR was, but as good.

  5. MB says:

    Interesting in their ordinariness.

  6. Diogo Terra says:

    They were happy with the Soviet lifestyle, however much Western media portrays them as victims of a blood-thirsty regime.

    • jeebs says:

      Are you serious?

    • Turbofan says:

      little do you know…America was shooting for the stars in 1984 whereas in Russia one couldn’t buy bananas…people were primates, uneducated, brain washed fools..buying loafs of bread without wrapping…and eating at restaurants from greasy plates…but sure, they were very happy because they didn’t know better…same like N Koreans today

      • MAXDMG says:

        What differs it all with stories of parents and relatives, as well as with photos. Maybe you got brain washed USA propaganda? Or maybe you ought to ask those people who then lived in the USSR?

      • carsten says:

        Russians couldn’t buy bananas due to sanctions, no? Access to fruits that were growable in the USSR like apples was normal.

        • CZenda says:

          Yes. You could buy apples in USSR. Each odd Wednesday every even month, weather providing. Unless the last five-year plan ordered to export all apples to Africa to buy copper for the AK-47 cartridges.

  7. Phil says:

    The limo in front of the yellow building. I had one of those as my wedding car :-)

  8. tony says:

    There was nothing free in the CCCP. The people paid for it with their poverty and sorry lifestyle. As we say in the USA: There’s no free lunch.

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