1 Making Copper Wire In Russia

Making Copper Wire In Russia

Posted on March 30, 2014 by team

Copper wire production is a beautiful and loud process. We are going to trace it from the start to the finish in the shops of the “Russian copper company”.

First of all they bring copper scrap to the factory.

There may be different kinds of scrap, everything that contains copper can be made use of.

Then the scrap is heated to make a “soup” of molten copper. Practically all casings burn off.

To reach a high temperature, they inject oxygen under pressure by means of a special “syringe”.

The temperature is getting higher and the “soup” starts boiling.

The copper is boiled in a “cannon” like tha.

Extraction systems are activated and the whole mechanism starts rotating.

The process of separation.

When the copper scrap is separated into fractions, the part containing copper is used for further remelting.


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  1. argi says:

    and what about the toxic flue gases? all goes to the air

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