28 Photos Made In Top Secret Military Factories

Photos Made In Top Secret Military Factories

Posted on March 28, 2014 by team

Those vehicles were top secret during the Soviet era, but they are more easily accessed now. Lately, a few Russian top level military equipment producers are trying to allow more publicity. These are some photos taken in such previously hard to get to places as the newest MIG-35 assembly lines, power engines for the heavy military IL 76 transport planes, Tula high precision weaponry (like the Pantsir-Greyhound we had yesterday) and more.

What you going to see here was top secret just a few years ago, you might be one of the first Westerner ever watching this unique photos!

“Alligator” Ka-52 is the further development of helicopter Ka-50 “Black shark”. An ordinary person could probably never see it being assembled, however…


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28 Responses to “Photos Made In Top Secret Military Factories”

  1. Bogdanov says:

    Soon you see these toys in Kiev / Donetsk / Tallinn or Helsinki. Better start study russian now if u dont speak it already :p

  2. Dag says:

    I suspect Russia is arming up back to communist era. Today Russia is ran by KGB nothing changed except name (same communist rulers).

    • ar says:

      Russia is Capitalist country!

      You mixed Oranges and Apples.

      Communism as ideology and Economic model
      is extinct !

    • MAXDMG says:

      I see you’re know a lot about Russia) Russian Federation of the democratic and capitalist country like the USA)

    • Turbofan says:

      True, KGB never was abolished, only it’s name changed. And the neo nazi Putin supports it too.

      • Zhivago says:

        I wish stupidity hurts. Keep it up on dumb comments, starting from “aircrafts on windows 95″.

      • MAXDMG says:

        Putin, prezident of 140 million people who lives in RF, when RF have some many different nations, religion and other, without killing each other citizens are nazi? Are you real stupid, or think KGB install chip in you head or other crazy crap?

    • carsten says:

      Russia today is not communist at a slightest, however the general feel stays same.

  3. tony says:

    The homemade anechoic chamber for testing the radar shown needs some professional analysis. It would never meet Western standards. Also, I don’t see anything in particular that would be rated “top secret” in the West. Same old stuff.

    • MAXDMG says:

      If this were secretly these photos would not be published here) And radars are also obviously there are only going) Just shows the production on automobile plant)

    • Ivanoff says:

      Western standards are not necessarily better or higher or take into account Russian weather and other operational conditions. By the way, if you are such an expert, what are Western standards you are referring to? Care to explain?

      • B says:

        Ohh you know the amazing stealth that all russian radars can see :D after all it looked cool in hollywood movies

      • Turbofan says:

        I’ll explain it to you: your newly built aircraft and vehicles use flawed windows 95 systems that Americans stopped using ages ago. There’s the standards.

  4. Jean says:

    I will also KISS them when they come to holland, and I know a lot of very special things the WONDERCHILDREN get for absolutely FREE.

  5. Serg says:

    Pantsir-S on the first photo for Saudi Arabia (somewhere there) on the chassis “MAN”. Not very secret.

  6. CSX says:

    Look at the following image…


    The 8×8 trucks in the front are not russian Kamaz models, but german made MAN.

    The green ones might be, but the sand colored ones are definitely MAN’s. Zoom to the second one and you can see the letter N on the front hood.

    Question is, what do they do here?
    Or is this picture made elsewhere?
    If not, does it mean the german’s sell military trucks to russia?

    • Ares says:

      @CSX They are export Pantsir’s for the UAE..that’s why they are based on a MAN truck upon the costumer’s spec. Take care

  7. Ares says:

    They are export Pantsir’s for the UAE..that’s why they are based on a MAN truck upon the costumer’s spec.
    Take care

  8. K.M.I says:

    I am very eager to know more about military.

  9. tang says:

    I quote: Muslims are not terrorist but every terrorist is a muslim,.

  10. Seemak says:

    shame, you do not blame on each other.
    what are you doing in Muslim counties.
    What you did in IRAQ, Libia?
    only reaction you feeling.
    Do only for humanity.

  11. Muslim says:

    I agree Russia and America are terrorist countries.
    What is Russia doing in Syria, what he did in Afghanistan?
    People of both countries are nice!

  12. ulises velez says:


  13. Think That says:


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