24 Which Ukrainian Ships Have Hoisted the Russian Flag?

Which Ukrainian Ships Have Hoisted the Russian Flag?

Posted on March 27, 2014 by team


Over the past two weeks the Black Fleet of Russia obtained 51 ships of the Ukrainian forces, all of them hoisted the St. Andrew’s flag of the Russian navy. It means that out of 61 ships of the Ukrainian naval forces, only ten still belong to Ukraine. Some of these ships are still battle-worthy, others are in a very poor condition.


Submarine “Zaporozhe” – U01.


Command ship “Slavutitch” – U510.


Large landing ship “Konstantin Olshanskiy” – U402.


Medium landing ship “Kirovograd” – U401.


Ocean minesweeper “Chernigov” – U310.


Ocean minesweeper “Cherkassy” – U311.


Corvette “Vinnitsa” – U206.


Corvette “Lutsk” – U205.


Corvete “Khmelnitsky” – U208.


Corvette “Ternopol” – U209.


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24 Responses to “Which Ukrainian Ships Have Hoisted the Russian Flag?”

  1. nikoliy says:

    So many years of neglect… its sad to look at. Russia should give them back and let Ukraine Navy back into Sevastopol. Give them back some dignity… and it would be such a great gesture.

  2. Indy says:

    51 stolen ships. The biggest burglary of all times. Hail to Russia !

  3. Indy says:

    Thanks to what happened since the beginning of the month, a national identity is now born in Ukraine. Bandera dreamt of it, Putin did it. Hail to Russia !

  4. dolores says:

    Hi guys, after many years I loved your site, now I say goodbye. Russia today is so different, I no longer respect it. You used to be a great, and quirky, country that was interesting to follow. Now, after Crimea invasion and anti-human rights laws, I can’t accept you. It’s incredibly sad how Russia has changed for the worse.

  5. James S says:

    Amazing that the ships are being reunited with Russia.

    • MAXDMG says:

      Well and good that I have returned, Ukraine has not allocated money for the normal service of ships, the most part unfortunately going to be pulled. For example submarine Zaporozhye only one in the world boat of this project in order and cannot dive because of the absence of new batteries.

  6. Jacob says:

    Floating antiques. It’s kind of sad to see that this was the Navi of Ukraine reduced to. The Nikolayev shipyard in Ukraine used to build some of world’s biggest and most feared shipped when USSR existed.

    • Ivanoff says:

      Jacob, you have made the best comment here and without hysteria. I am told that most (if not all) of these ships were put into construction before the collapse of the Soviet Union and were not necessarily meant to be put into operation in the Black Sea fleet. Some were intended to serve in the Soviet Far East and Northern fleets. It is a fact that the Ukraine has not built a single military ship from scratch since its independence and turned most of its former navy into a junk yard, so no wonder that most of its personnel decided to join the glorious Russian navy when they got the chance.

    • MAXDMG says:

      In 23 years of independence there has sold and destroyed everything. Freedom to steal billions, democracy)

      • bob says:

        if you’d rather see news about the homosexuals,gays and degeneration of society,lies,etc….. stick to watching your American TV and making out with your sister……..

        • MAXDMG says:

          I have relatives in Ukraine, and there I go every year) I help them with money and really see what is going on there. This is just a nightmare, about the army and nothing to write, near Kharkiv is a large factory on repair of armored vehicles just dump. Including plant. And no propaganda when they see similar with their eyes, devastation, poverty….

  7. Vlad says:

    I agree with James.
    Look at the recent articles about Russia in here.
    There is very few articles that do not talk about guns/ships/planes/army etc.
    Is this all that Russia has?
    Is invading neighboring countries all it can do?
    This is neither interesting or cool.
    Conclusion: this site is getting more and more boring.

    • JacobPG1 says:

      I disagree. Military technology is always cool. As a kid, I grew up playing with little toy soldiers, cannons, and tanks. And even though I have never been in the military, it’s still exciting to see this military gear on this web site.

      And yes, the military industry is quite big in Russia. Last year Russia has edged past the USA in global arms sales, which is a proof that Russian military gear is still quite a factor.

      And finally, what else do you expect to see on this web site considering the crisis going on in Ukraine? The military is a big part of what happened. The Russian Black Sea Navy has always been a big part of Ukrainian politics and in Crimea, where it’s stationed.

  8. Igor says:

    And not a single bullet fired!

    Power to the Russia!

  9. lithua says:

    maybe Yamamoto was right :)

  10. Captain says:

    Anti-terror vessel “Feodosiнa” U240 looks a bit scary.

  11. CZenda says:

    Somali pirates strike again!

  12. Jean says:

    What BELONGS TOGETHER MUST COME TOGETHER. And be nice to each other because YOU are such a LOVELY PEOPLE. And remeber, YOUR enemy,s are just on the corner. (as I also know)

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