23 Ukrainian Soldiers Keep Leaving Crimea

Ukrainian Soldiers Keep Leaving Crimea

Posted on March 27, 2014 by team


More and more Ukrainian army forces are reportedly leaving the territory of Crimea. Here are a couple of photos. In the picture above, a Russian soldier is showing the way to the Ukrainian tank, which is going to be loaded onto the train (north of Crimea, March, 27).


On this picture Ukrainian soldiers are loading their tanks to send them away from Crimea. (March, 26).

via evroru

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23 Responses to “Ukrainian Soldiers Keep Leaving Crimea”

  1. Indy says:

    At least, Russia did not steal the tanks. Just did it with the boats. Nice of them…

  2. Eman says:

    On the second picture not ukrainian soldiers, camo is russian.
    ER please do not distribute disinformation.

    • Ivanoff says:

      Good spot!

    • MAXDMG says:

      The first photo is obviously not from Ukraine. Russia gives only obsolete weapons which are more expensive to dispose of. Ukrainian remained in the parts of the Crimea.

      • rossmum says:

        As much as I love the T-64BV, it is technically obsolete. I don’t know what you think those tanks are, but they’re not T-90s.

        As it happens, Ukraine was home to the most advanced tankbuilding centre of the Soviet Union and kept both the factories and a large number of the tanks after the breakup. They don’t have T-90s but they do have a wide array of T-64 and T-80 variants.

        • MAXDMG says:

          You would be right if it was USSR… But the army of Ukraine has not made of money and now the Kharkiv repair plant looks like a garbage dump. I went there (relatives live) and nothing works. Just take decommissioned equipment and all. It is cut only those metals that can be sold, hundreds of tanks just piles of garbage. Those T64 that has sent troops of Ukraine are not even able to move independently. It is difficult to imagine a similar, but actually, since the collapse of the USSR weapons of Ukraine in the best case has not been serviced in the worst (like Tu 160) were destroyed.

          • rossmum says:

            I’ve seen photos of the repair plant. It’s a mighty shame, I wish I had the money and the connections to rescue a T-64 from that fate. It’s my favourite Cold War tank.

            I’ve seen a few (recent) videos of Ukrainian T-64s moving under their own power across training courses, but I don’t know how many are still capable.

  3. Alper says:

    Englishrussia is definitely Pro Russian. I had a lot of truth based anti Russian posts which have not been allowed while the Serbian pro Russian lies about Ukraine are OK!
    Where is justice?

    • Kuki says:

      Dude, Im a Serb and not supporting conflict betwen any east european country. They should talk, and make a deal. And yes, USA and UK were countries who haved slaves? Enough of your democratic lesons :P

    • bob says:

      and I’m sure that all your information was from Google and your American TV…. you probably still think they landed on the moon….. unfortunately they have deleted some of my anti-west statements also. apparently this website must have legal sense and worry about liability issues. we can call it communism, socialism,democracy,….. whatever they want us to believe as long as we conform and they make their money… this website is about Russia (“news”)good or bad…. and I personally like it all and like Western news….. I will look at it from my point of view…

  4. George says:

    Yeah, leaving to invade the North Pole.

  5. neblogenso says:

    I far as I know Ukraine does not possess any T-90 tanks. And the uniforms are russian.

  6. Jean says:

    One thing the west is on its best is to poke up people against eachother, and to run away with the loot. That goes happen in Oekraine also, and look to the last 65 years and what came from it.

    • Zonda says:

      Agree with one small correction… we are talking about the east, and more precisely – Russia.

    • bob says:

      Vietnam,Korea,Iraq,Afghanistan,libya,….to name a few……sell them some weapons so they can fight and then kill them all…….. keep them out of the World Economic picture and beans at a steady price on the stock market…….even those Spaniards got too many boats at one point and time, then started Parading around….Spanish American war…..boiler accident….goes way back…….

  7. bob says:

    One tactical nuke makes war itself obsolete….who will be forched to push the “button” first ?……Russia must win the ecomomic and psychological war(s) that the west are playing before any real shots are fired.The “west” knows how to keep all the death and destruction away from them. NATO will declare the Ukraine as a free and democratic Republic as soon as most of the civilians are dead and when the Russian State loses the ability to effect Americas/ Isreals agenda……. it’s a good day for the gun and bullet business…… especially when you can shoot the competition….

  8. MAXDMG says:

    The superiority of the US and NATO just imposed on the media) actually, there are pros and cons) of the U.S. Fleet ground attack aircraft carriers, the USSR constructed a fleet against them) I wonder what will happen if the missile cruiser hit on the aircraft carrier? Even if not destroy, that completely will destroy, the planes that fly will not) But it’s just not counting other types of weapons)

  9. bob says:

    funny I just recently seen some Russian speaking/spetsnaz guys in your neighborhood checking out the power grid…… keep sitting on your couch and eating your potato chips, until the internet goes off. the U.S. is about as ready to take on the Russians as they were ready pre 911 for those planes to crash into a nuclear power plant instead of buildings!…… equal to Chernobyl… real cause of USSR downfall…..( legal disclaimer:”just saying”)

  10. Leigh says:

    to quote Hitler form the 2nd world war… “if i had known they had so many tanks, i never would have invaded” ;)

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