6 Last Days of Mi 24 Helicopters

Last Days of Mi 24 Helicopters

Posted on March 27, 2014 by team



We are in the place where Mi-24 helicopters that have been put out of operation are spending their final days. The Mi-24 was a first tactical machine designed by MI and was in production until the 90s. After the collapse of the USSR, the manufacturers of different parts of the helicopter were separated by the borders of the newly formed ex Soviet states. These helicopters were nicknamed “Crocodile” by the pilots and I wonder if you can see why.


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6 Responses to “Last Days of Mi 24 Helicopters”

  1. James S says:

    Interesting to see that some of them still have the sampling device on the end pylons. It works like an excavator to sample soil for radioactivity. They were used a lot in Chernobyl

    • MAXDMG says:

      What used at Chernobyl destroyed, as the metal is perfectly absorbs radioactivity. But maybe it’s the same model) by the Way though an Mi-24 is already not released, continues the edition 35 Mi on its basis (gray helicopter).

  2. Jean says:

    Flying Dead was their name and even the most aggresive idiot becomes a little child when one of these turns up. Kudo,s for MIL.

  3. prince says:

    My favorite gunship! No thanks to Rambo 2 and 3.

    • javox says:

      in rambo didnt use this model, actually was a mi24 hind A (A made in hollywood) the model the modifyled was sa300 or somethin like that =)

  4. Dan_The_Man says:

    Holy Smoke, the Mi-24 is an impressive machine! Just to see that machine flying, leaning forward as it does, “hanging” from the rotor blades, and that sound!!! No wonder this machine is one of the most fearsome military instruments ever designed.

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