1 The Abandoned Hospital of Pripyat

The Abandoned Hospital of Pripyat

Posted on March 26, 2014 by team

Indeed, this must be the spookiest place in Pripyat. Only nurses with bloody knives are missing… Rooms of this hospital are overgrown with cobwebs, and old paint is cracking on the walls. It was once a place where people’s lives were being saved, and after the catastrophe as well. The basement might be even more interesting, but we are not going to go down there because the background radiation down there is too high.

It’s definitely not the place where you’d wish to be after sunset…

Looks like an art installation, doesn’t it?

Bedpan washing device.


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  1. randomBoy says:

    You can find firemen clothers in the basement. I have been at this place. Totaly ruined. Sad to look at it.

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