14 The Taking Back Crimea Award

The Taking Back Crimea Award

Posted on March 25, 2014 by tim


A few hours ago, Russian twitter users started reporting that the Russian defence department has published an article and photos of the Russian chief of defence arriving in Crimea and awarding soldiers and local officials with a new award. The medal was called “For getting back the Crimea”. These photos show the Russian chief of defence awarding something to the people in camouflage. Some camouflaged people have the insignia “BERKUT” which is the name of a Ukrainian special forces unit which became better known after the clashes in Kiev this past winter.
Also a photo of the award itself reportedly was published. That particular medal in the photo was in the name of Aksenov, the current leader of Crimea, who declared the Crimea independent. His personal numbered award had the number 136, so people supposed that at least a hundred more of the same medals were awarded.

Later, people started to report that this article was removed from the official defence department website. The photos still could be opened if you knew their direct web address, however after a little more time you could not open the photos either.

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Other news sources report that the Russian chief of defence is in Crimea “and inspecting units of Russian army and meeting with Crimea officials”.


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14 Responses to “The Taking Back Crimea Award”

  1. SN says:

    Funny Fake. Shoigu (on photo, Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation) doesn’t know about this medal.
    this information wasn’t present on any official website and “not yellow” media

  2. James McGovern says:

    I’ve learnt something here: the Russian/Ukranian word for ‘traitor’ is ‘berkut’.

    • MAXDMG says:

      They are his duty to the end fulfilled. They protect the legitimate authorities, nobody peacefully Yanukovych had not shifted. And then they were accused of crimes against itself seized power and promised to kill with their families. The Russian Federation gave them shelter and employment, they blame the fact that up to the end were following orders? And did not shoot back?

  3. Douglas says:

    Eastern Ukraine is next for annexation.

  4. George says:

    I didn’t know Putin was related to Hitler. This is what Hitler did, and same reason, back in 1930’s.
    And russia invaded a foreign country, they didn’t “take it back”.
    There are legal ways to do this.

    • Bob says:

      Wow @George, you’re stupid. Hitler also ate and sh@t, and I’m sure Putin does too, so he’s definitely like Hitler!

    • carsten says:

      >There are legal ways to do this.
      yeah, like a referendum. no one seems to care about because it’s illegal because it makes Russia stronger.

  5. tony says:

    Hitler redux. These “Russian military are good fighters against unarmed civilians and weak opponents. Be careful in the Baltics, lest they be destroyed quickly by NATO. Those medals are not worth the pot metal they are made of. Cheap junk which will be on sale at the Arbat in Moscow after Russia collapses once again.

    • SN says:

      Do not wait! Russia is too great country to fall from the fact that someone outside Russia really wants this . Russian army never fought against civilians as do other countries such as the U.S. Army or Army of Georgia. If captured Crimea , where civilians were killed ? which can be seen in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia ?
      Obsessive NATO policy decides the fate of many countries … but it does not work with Russia .

      You told a beautiful tale about the Russian invasion of the Crimea, but Russian military base there was always from 18th century , how can invade if the troops there have never left , nor in 1917 ( after the fall of the Russian Empire ) or in 1992 ( after the fall of the USSR ) ? Does Russia really fall ? or maybe it was a change in the forms of government ?

      I like this webportal , because it allows you to see through the eyes of others … much more – it is about reality, not Fake . Let’s not politicize this webportal.

  6. Turbofan says:

    Russian military is so kind it instead deports its war prisoners to Siberia and leave them to starve to death.

    The russian troops were never in Crimea, or if they were, why did Russia send more men and why oh why did the Ukrainians were leaving shortly after? Change of shifts? lol

    Do you really think that you will be writing russia propaganda here and no one will correct you? Seriously?

  7. Ryle says:

    I wonder if they are going to finish the business with tatars and get rid the rest of them, that survived Stalin.

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