10 Soviet Civil Defence Posters

Soviet Civil Defence Posters

Posted on March 24, 2014 by team

Here is a set of curious civil-defence posters from the Soviet past. It seems adults and children knew better what they had to do in emergency situations…

A shelter inside an administrative and industrial building.

Inside view of the shelter.

Stand-alone shelter located on the premises of an industrial enterprise.

Basement of a multi-storey building (a school, for example) used as a fallout shelter.

A mine opening used as a fallout shelter.

Basement of a one-storey building used as a shelter.

Those who get an order for evacuation should take means of individual protection, their personal things, documents, water and medicines.

Clearing station.

Here they need to register and be divided into organized walking groups and transported groups.


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10 Responses to “Soviet Civil Defence Posters”

  1. Darius says:

    It is interesting. I have had such course in my school maybe in the 5 class, but after 1991 they stopped these in Lithuania. The schools do not have any kind of military classes or courses any more.
    Now I have learned much more about dangers of modern chemical weapons and radiation. Taking into account, that the situations in the poster imply global war using nuclear and other nasty weapons, then in such case these defense posters look “a bit” optimistic. Also it is very likely that nuclear power plants and chemical factories would be damaged and leaking radiation or dangerous chemicals.
    Gasmasks have very limited life time of the filter. Depending on the situation (type of chemicals and their concentration) it might be just an hour or less. Then it needs to be replaced.
    All food production and animals would be contaminated and in some cases it would be so for many years. Furthermore many animals would be already dead. So the food supply picture looks very grim. Not sure how it is with ground water, how long it can be clean from this shit.
    I heard the rumors that Moscow and other big cities had underground food storage, shelters and that many factories had underground shelters. But when it comes to small cities and towns – these protections are more theoretical, than real and just for a part of population. The civilians basically must take care of them self.
    So it is like “in old good times” – we show how it should be, our best plan, but let us hope that …

    • Jim-Bob says:

      What you have to remember about civil defence procedures is that they are not intended to save everyone. They are intended to save the maximum number of people possible by putting them in the best possible place for survival. No one is under any illusion that a total nuclear war would be easy, let alone the Soviets. Unlike the Americans, they understood what the civilian experience of total war was like due to their experiences during the Great Patriotic War. It is from these experiences that they built the most effective civil defence measures of any country at that time, save maybe Switzerland.

      As far as it goes, Moscow is rebuilding it’s shelter system, adding new ones and modernizing old ones. One wonders if other nations could not do better by their citizens by doing the same. So far as I know, the only American city that has done anything recently for civil defence is Huntsville, Alabama.

  2. tony says:

    This was strictly propaganda for the ignorant masses of the CCCP. Soviet soldiers were issued “radiation pills” in those times. Imagine that.

    • Johan Berggren says:

      Exactly what do you mean with “strictly propaganda”? Didn’t fallout shelter exist in the Soviet Union? Didn’t the soviet government want to learn their citizens how to organize and protect themselves in the case of a war? Is it in any way a bad idea to give soldiers Potassium Iodide pills if they risk radiation exposure?

      You talk about ignorance. I think I view some.

    • Darius says:

      You probably are reffering to the AI-2 (АИ-2) personal medical kit. I do not know how, but we had one at home. It seems that lately it is forbiden: http://www.ai-2.ru/. There are new models that are quite similar in appearance.
      The anti-radiation pills are cystamine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cystamine. The Russian wiki page lists quite serious side effects of it. But I guess, that is nothing comparing to situation when you have to take this medicine.
      BTW, the blue cartridge in it is against vomiting and nausea, which can be real problem when you are wearing a gasmask. Perphenazine – the active chemical in it is considered a medium-potency antipsychotic.
      In the manual several of the key items in this kit are forbidden to be used for kids under 6 years…

  3. Jean says:

    More than clear, when i was on school or work we never had this sort of prevention, maybe because in holland they walk behind everybody and work for him and in that chase nothing can or should happens.

  4. mitro says:

    These were all liars…
    Nuke weapon is a dangerous..
    US, French, and other west countries should destroy their nuke weapons..

  5. Gregory Despain says:

    Thanks for this post

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