31 Sochi  After the Olympics

Sochi After the Olympics

Posted on March 20, 2014 by team

The Sochi Olympics is over and the city has become rather deserted. Sportsmen and fans have left, buses are empty, cars are rare, and some buildings have never been finished… But spring has already come, new grass is undulating in the breeze and maybe quite soon something interesting will start happening here. For example, there is speculation that Formula 1 races are to be held in Sochi.


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31 Responses to “Sochi After the Olympics”

  1. Robert Norway says:

    So disturbing for Eu and US that everything went well and nothing bad happened. I who live in a “western” country has read every millimetre of things that could maybe be not so good, im ashamed to live in a “western” country after they tried so hard to find something to pick on.
    Ya lublu Rossia.

    • TML says:

      Better go to Russia and try to live there for few years. Then You will know why there is no nation really allied with Russia. It’s not “because of the West”.

    • drum says:

      After my first (and last) vacation in the russia I would say, this is wild country, beauty but wild. I will never come back again probably, but I’m afraid that russia can come to me. Horrible…

  2. gfhgfh says:

    Millions wasted for things noone will ever use again…

    • Mandea says:

      Yes but the “chosen ones” have taken their share. So there are no “wasted millions” but “gained millions”. It depends on what side we are talking about.

    • Dmitry says:

      It will be used again for other events, such as world cup in 2018.

  3. Mike from Ohio says:

    What a waste! Hope to live another 20 years to see the pics of “The abandoned ruins of Olympic Sochi!”
    Seriously, why not build a permanent olympic village in, oh, say Greece where this all started?! Sheesh!

  4. jeebs says:

    I suppose giving these empty buildings to the people is out of the question?

  5. edgar says:

    Empty city. Where are the people?

  6. xm3 says:

    F1 no way

    • akatosh says:

      Yes way, they already built the track when building the city, they just need to remove a few parts of it and it’s done. The track is already there, partially used as a road now.

      • liptonius says:

        You miss the point. Russian behavior in the Ukraine will make it an outcast for decades.

        Don’t expect invitiations, world events, tourism, purchase of export goods or even polite treatment to drop off significantly.

        Go to Russia for an F1 race? Never.

  7. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Wonder how long it will take for the rest of the buildings, streets, and facilities to crumble. And I doubt there will be any Formula 1 racing in Sochi…Putin’s actions in the Crimea have made that a non-starter.

  8. ReDesigned says:

    As far as empty cities go they’ve got nothing on China.

  9. Richard S. says:

    Another Pripyat?

  10. 1975Tim says:

    What a horrific waste of money! $50B or more? And for what a two week festival?

  11. MarkWRY says:

    NoNoNo. This is a resort area now. Empty? Not a season.

  12. Alberto says:

    Let me see, junk and trash in everywhere, not finished roads and gardens, sidewalks in disrepair or broken…and this will be the future place for Russian tourism and the G8 meeting??????
    Welcome to Russia, all you touch it’s a great job. Congratulations. Please show us how is now Ossetia and Abkhazia, really beautiful places in past. I can’t imagine how will be Crimea in future.

  13. Dag says:

    is this fake city?

  14. akatosh says:

    I am looking forward to the same pictures in 20 years with everything looking like Pripyat. So sad. All this stuff, built just for the sake of building it and creating contracts, moving money from one rich guy to the next. No benefit, just a waste of everything.

  15. Sergei S. says:

    I can’t stop wondering, why there so many brainwashed Russia haters? Dear friends – these houses on the photoes are Olympic willage, built for athlets. Now they going to be reconstructed for residental apartments. This area aside from the main city of Sochi is quite empty now – just 1 week after Paralympics especially at Sunday morning 6AM (according to the length of shadows). This is a very small part of Sochi. Here are couple of videos for you to have a better idea about the place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEbOHKzipjE&list=LLW1U2wHXrvcAtfbvkMb46hw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ_ipFE0-0c And yes Formula 1 will come to Sochi in October http://www.formula1.com/results/season/ Good luck everybody! Take care! from Russia with love…

    • Otis R. Needleman says:

      Sergei, you can like Russia and respect the Russian people and still despise the Russian government’s recent actions regarding the Ukraine. Russia has shown their commitment made in 1994 to the integrity of the Ukraine to be a lie.

      • Dmitry says:

        Otis, seems like Sergei is Russian himself and lives here as well…
        What do you really know about Russian government’s recent actions regarding the Ukraine? What do you know about the Crimea? What you got from your media, isn’t it?
        I’m from Saint Petersburg (one of the main cities of 2018 World Cup, just FYI) and I got friends in Crimea. All of them confirmed to me that everything was fine there during the referendum. Some of them don’t like it, they would prefer Crimea to be a new separate country (but not the part of the Ukraine, however), some of them are happy with it, because, in fact, Crimea is a Republic now (look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_Crimea ).

        It’s really sad how some people just blindly believes in any media, including this post (just read Sergei’s comment).

        Kind regards,

    • ahmed says:

      Its not brainwashed its what reaches out from russia. How russia acts and all that what makes people have such bad opinion. I am sure people like if there is nice peaceful country russia but only thing what world has seen is that now 2 times russia has start conflict during olympic games.

      I have seen how russian and armenian guy had fight. Rusian guy hit armenian and start yell why did you hit me. Russia is same attacking and blaming others. All what others do is bad. Only “Mighty” Russia may do anything what it wants and always its right and legal.

  16. Risto[FIN] says:

    Russian Quality :D Made in Russia :D

  17. Aaron says:

    Another waste of cash, and another abandoned place for future generations to explore!

  18. PIF says:

    This both eerie and sad at the same time…

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