3 Russian MiG Fighters In Armenia

Russian MiG Fighters In Armenia

Posted on March 20, 2014 by team

The military base known as “Erebuni” has been functioning since 1995 in Gyumri, Armenia, being home to the group of Russian troops in Transcaucasia. The base has an S-300 missile system and MiG-29 fighters. Personnel strength is about five thousand people.

The base is intended to protect the interests of Russia and provide safety to Armenia itself.

The MiG-29’s based on Armenian territory are intended to destroy ground targets by means of high-precision guided weapons at any time of the day and in any weather conditions.  The complex system of armament control includes radar aiming and infrared searching and tracking systems, and a helmet-mounted target designation system.


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  1. john says:

    Great posting,i find these articles interesting.

  2. JacobPG1 says:

    These pictures help to recall some warm memories. This used to be a civilian airport. In the 80s, I took many flights in and out of it. The run away is very small, and it is well within the city limits, so only very small airplanes were flying out of it. I recall seeing only An-2, An-24, and lots of Yak-40. The Yak-40 were the most common, and they flew to Georgia, South Russia, Azerbaijan, and regional airports in Armenia. Now it’s a military only airport.

  3. JacobPG1 says:

    Only very experienced Russian pilots are allowed to be stationed there. There are many difficulties with flying from this airport. First is the elevation of about 1km above sea level. Second, the runway pretty much points at the border with Turkey which is just ten kilometers away, so those Mig-29s have to perform crazy evasive maneuvers on take off simply not to violate the Turkish air space.

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