15 Taking Over Sevastopol Ukrainian Fleet Headquarters

Taking Over Sevastopol Ukrainian Fleet Headquarters

Posted on March 19, 2014 by team

A Ukrainian naval officer leaves the naval headquarters in Sevastopol

Meanwhile, military men and the so called forces of Sevastopol self-defence are driving Ukrainian sailors and navy officers away from the naval headquarters in Sevastopol. No shots were fired, reportedly.


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15 Responses to “Taking Over Sevastopol Ukrainian Fleet Headquarters”

  1. Johny_D says:

    Not happy to see this

  2. Tatar says:

    Traitor crimeans! You will definitely miss the 90% water from Ukraine that you drink.

  3. bob says:

    It is a shame that these sailors cant be re-trained/re-enlisted to protect their homeland as a Russian state……new job,.new uniform,new friends,better pay,etc……more allies/less enemies for Russia. Wars are fought with more than sticks and stones.You never know, the new recruits might make the right choice……

    • Darius says:

      Yes they can. They were (and are) offered this option every day since the day (the 2nd of March?) when Rear Admiral Denys Berezovsky switched sides from Ukraine to Russian (Crimea). As fas as I know majority refuse to join Crimea side, pack their things and take their families to Ukraine mainland.

  4. bob says:

    …as a lower ranking, yet enemy soldier….I would have saluted the ranking officer on his way out of the door…..not because of protocols,but as of a matter of respect…..After all, he is still a ranking soldier and a”Russian” ….. could be your boss next week !!!

  5. m says:

    their homeland is Ukraina!not Russia.

    • bob says:

      …..and Texas could just be Texas ….or a state of Mexico with its daytime average of millions of Mexican citizens,plus other hispanics, but for the greater good(?) it is in the U.S.A….the Ukraine would have become like Cuba with its superior tabacco,coffee,etc……a thorn to the U.S. economy….sanctioned,dispised, poor, and a battle ground.If you like the Ukraine, its a great day !

  6. m says:

    for better komunist call Putin!

  7. Indy says:

    Proud of them, and ashamed of these masked guys and their masters…

  8. Johny_D says:

    Today’s Russia has made the thing which was not achieved from 1654: breaking up 2 brother folks, with almost similar languages, sociopath level upto max.

  9. Mitch says:

    Well, the Crimeans voted that they wanted to rejoin Russia, can’t argue with the vote of the people.

  10. Johan says:

    So the Ukrainian army just accepts that masked men simply take over all the bases on Crimea?

    • Darius says:

      It is not so easy situation there. In Crimea many locals are native Russians, the Ukrainian army therefore in there in some units the staff was in 80% native Russians. In these events in some cases literally two brothers were standing with guns on different sides of the fence – one serving in Ukrainian army, the other in the Russian army… Just very recently the two armies were doing common exercises, they were like brothers… They literally knew the people standing on the other side and blocking or storming their units… Both sides tried to follow orders as best as they could.

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