9 Liberation of Crimea And Sevastopol In Photos

Liberation of Crimea And Sevastopol In Photos

Posted on March 19, 2014 by team

The operation of Crimean liberation occurred from April 8th to May 12th 1944 by forces of the fourth Ukrainian front, Primorye Army, supported by the Black and Azov fleets.

In May 5-7th, 1944 the troops of the Ukrainian front attacked the German fortifications in intense battles, on the 9th of May they fully liberated Sevastopol, and on the 12th of May the remaining enemy troops laid down their arms at Cape Chersonese. This photo set is devoted to the event.

Sevastopol Palace of the Pioneers damaged by enemy shells after the liberation of the city. May 1944.

German minesweeper in the Sevastopol bay, 1944.

German attack plane Fw.190 destroyed by Soviet aviation at the airfield of Chersonese.

Soviet partisans and sailors meet in liberated Yalta, 1944.

Romanian and German commanders. 27th February,1944

Soviet partisans meet in liberated Yalta, 1944.

Soviet light cruiser enters the Sevastopol bay. November 5th, 1944.

Romanian and German commanders in Crimea. February 27th, 1944.


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9 Responses to “Liberation of Crimea And Sevastopol In Photos”

  1. Nick says:

    Interesting photos, but plumply failed propaganda attempt. Those soviet soldiers fought against an enemy who crushed & invaded other nations to “protect minorities” – and used as toilet paper treaties and agreements.

  2. john says:

    Excellent photo’s.

  3. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Sevastopol – liberated 1944, freed 1991, conquered again 2014.

  4. jeff1101 says:

    You can’t conquer what was already yours. Soviet Union ‘gave’ Crimea to Ukraine. Russia is just taking it back.

  5. koko says:

    If Crimea is russian, this is not Crimea, but crime.

  6. Fulano says:

    Your german is really bad. On page 6 the sign in german says: “Restricted Area. Access only with written authorization”

  7. ptahton says:

    Well, you are right about german part of sign (I think it`s for german spoken soldiers). But the part of sing on Russian is “Prohibited area! Stop or be shot dead” (I think it`s for Russian people).

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