10 Large Russian Ship Sunk to Block Ukrainian Ones

Large Russian Ship Sunk to Block Ukrainian Ones

Posted on March 17, 2014 by team

The large anti-submarine ship “Ochakov” was a masterpiece of engineering of the 70s. It participated in nine combat campaigns in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and travelled hundreds of thousands of sea miles in sixteen years of active service. But how is this nice ship, the pride of the USSR, connected with the present situation in the Crimea, Ukraine?

“Ochakov” accepted numerous foreign delegations and enraptured diplomats and military attaches of other countries. It visited many foreign ports – from nearby Varna to remote Havana. The gorgeous “Ochakov” was called “the best ship of the naval forces” thrice.

But on the night of March 6th, 2014 this wonderful ship, removed from the Black Sea Fleet in 2011, was sunk at the Crimean shore. According to eyewitnesses, the operation was performed deep in the night, using Russian ships, with the purpose of blocking the Southern Naval military base of Ukraine in Lake Donuzlav…


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10 Responses to “Large Russian Ship Sunk to Block Ukrainian Ones”

  1. joedirt says:

    NATO name Kara-class cruiser. What “combat campaigns” did this ship participate in? Or do you just mean an overseas deployment?

  2. Jasom says:

    Russians sunk ship to block Ukrainian fleet? It means that they expect real battles. Not good sign for east Europe.

  3. alessio215 says:

    and who is cleaning when the crisis is over?

    pls respect the sea and nature russia

  4. john says:

    Sad ending for a once great ship.

  5. Johny_D says:

    but why?

    • MAXDMG says:

      The ship unfortunately was transferred into the category of scrap, Ukraine for 23 years of independence did not want you to fix it or what to do with him, so that he at least will protect the Bay, as in the Crimean war ships Admiral Nakhimov flooded aggression against the Turks, the British and French.

  6. Papa Karlo says:

    It is normal for old ships to be decommissioned and used for all kinds of things like that, to serve as targets during training, to block various things, even to serve of parts of dams etc.

    When the Soviets inherited majority of Russian imperial ships, almost all of them they let to dilapidate and eventually scrapped them. Often they were so inapt at anything that they even could not scrap the ships themselves, so they simply sold them for scrap to Great Britain etc.

    As opposed to for example Japan which usually lifted sunk ships, refurbished them and commissioned again, as they did with cruiser Varyag and many other sunk Russian ships.

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