2 New Russian Armoured Troop Carriers

New Russian Armoured Troop Carriers

Posted on March 14, 2014 by team

In early 2014, over 100 of the newest armoured troop-carriers were supplied to the army in Samara, Russia. Fire power of the new BTR-82A exceeds that of its predecessors more than twice over. Instead of a machine-gun turret, the new vehicle has a combat module, with a 30mm automatic cannon, the 2A72, coupled with a PKTM gun. Besides this, the vehicle is equipped with an electric drive for the traversing and elevation mechanisms, and a digital di-plane weapons stabilizer.

The new troop carrier is khaki colored, and its mass is sixteen tonnes. The vehicle is equipped with a 300 hp turbocharged diesel KAMAZ, beefed up transmission, an autonomous diesel-electric generator allows all life support and communication systems to function normally when the main engine is deactivated.

BTR-82A have digital, fifth generation radio-sets, topographical orientation systems, and commander’s combined monitoring devices. The inner surfaces of the vehicle body have ballistic protection.

Between now and the end of the year they will get over 200 of the new armoured troop carriers.


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