6 Yanukovich Took Two Trucks of Art and Valuables Before Leaving

Yanukovich Took Two Trucks of Art and Valuables Before Leaving

Posted on March 12, 2014 by tim


Remember the Yanukovich (Ukrainian’s president) villa that was visited by protesters? We posted the photos here. They were amazed to find a solid gold two pound coin with the homeowner’s own face minted on it and other goodies at that time. However, the videos that surfaced today show that the protesters probably only got the leftovers of what was there when the president was actually living in the house. The videos shows that at least two trucks of belongings that look like pictures, antique vases and things made of shiny yellow metal were taken away from the villa just some little time before it was occupied by the people from the streets. We have two of these videos here for you to estimate the amount of the valuables that were evacuated together with Yanukovich, and this is him standing in the doorway with the truck on background, commanding in person. Videos are inside:




By the way, a few days ago it was announced that the new authorities, the ones that came to power as a result of this revolt, have already closed public access to this villa.

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6 Responses to “Yanukovich Took Two Trucks of Art and Valuables Before Leaving”

  1. Jean says:

    He (Janukovich) saw that when the western fachists came to power, they took the Oekranian art wich will end in zionist villa,s to get a hand of worthless money.

  2. reznor says:

    Jean you are laughable. Zionist villas, my ass. Western faschist, are we? This thief ran like a dog from his expensive residence, while his people are hungry? The people he should have protected? Instead he stole from them.

  3. pinky says:

    Oh my, two small truckloads of furnishings. Oh the scandal! Lol.

  4. Putin says:

    hey you dutch-speaking “socialist”. I told him to get away from Ukraine and come to Russia cause i had my plan ready for him. This is why he hid all his documents on the bottom of the lake of his “humble” house.

  5. DJ says:

    cant believe this!

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