43 25+ Things Russia Gets with Incorporating of Crimea

25+ Things Russia Gets with Incorporating of Crimea

Posted on March 11, 2014 by team

Many people suppose that Russia will economically gain from incorporating Ukrainian Crimea only because it will get a naval base in Sevastopol and save 100 million dollars a year on the lease of this base, but it’s wrong to think so. Tourism brings Crimea only 40% of all its income, the remaining 60% is from industry and infrastructure. Right now we are going to show you what they are represented by.

Sea port and ships (more than 200 of them) – Evpatorijsky Commercial Sea port.

Port of Yalta.

550 big manufacturing companies and factories.

Lots of oil, gas and ore.

Big shipyards of Crimea.

Processing industry of Crimea, its iron-ore plants.

Feodosia shipbuilding company where hovercraft for China have been made.

Dzhankoy machine factory.

Kerch sea port.

Kerch ferry crossing.


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43 Responses to “25+ Things Russia Gets with Incorporating of Crimea”

  1. grzgrz says:

    plus economic sanctions, threat of a war which you cannot sustain, threat of change in US gas export policies which may potentially ruin you – way to go!

    Seriously – way to go – this disaster will be a chance for you to become a normal country.

  2. Indy says:

    Oh, and you forgot electricity and water. 80% of which comes from… Ukraine !

    And Tatars who will not be happy, at all. And they are muslim. Beware Muslim wrath !

    Seeing what Abkhazia and South Ossetia look, I really fear for Crimea…

  3. apostolos says:

    Hey grzgrz can u name a “normal” country pls?

    • grzgrz says:

      sure, one in which the nation is a sovereign, and one which does not allow the oligarchs to own the vast majority of the economy, and one which does not pose the constant threat to its neighbours, one that \can admit to its atrocities and the list goes on, and on, and on

  4. Ricsi says:

    Russia gets what always is Russian,the Crimea and maybe later Eastern ‘ukraine’-all signed over by a drunken Kruschev in 1954.Sanctions work both ways,as for war can the over deployed,bankrupt US sustain a war ?? As for gas,China/India are power hungry and side with Russia,the EU needs 40% of its gas supply from Russia. Who will hurt most if Russia simply abides by the local peoples wishes to rejoin mother Russia. Get real,your little regime change with jxwish puppets is backfiring.

    • grzgrz says:

      Now, as for getting real. What Russia makes money on is transfer of the energy, not the gas/oil itself. You do not have the means to send these to China and/or India. Besides, why on earth Kazakhstan whould have a middle man between them and China/India?
      Once you lose the EU market (be it one third of that market) your money supply runs out – doesn’t it? How long can you sustain your policies with your reserves?

      That much for realities. As for what’s right – Russian Maidan would be right – overthrowing vory v zakonie ruling you and becoming a free nation. Be it anti-bankster and anti jewish, imperialist even, but free. Which I wish upon you with all my heart.

      • Ivanoff says:

        Obviously, you don’t know much about Russia and that’s why you are making all sorts of ignorant comments. You’ve had your oligarch/nazi-backed maidan, but the Ukraine will never become free, wealthy and democratic.

      • Nafta says:

        Your and Ivanoff’s debate sounds like this:
        grzgrz: factual info + informed opinion based on facts
        Ivanoff: Ukraine – bad!
        I applaud you! it’s pleasant to read comments from people who know what they are talking about, and who do not engage in pointless arguments with trolls and haters.

  5. Putin says:

    There are many things to get when you steal.

  6. me says:

    What will I gain if I steal your wallet?
    Some money, I could use your credit cards to pay for my purchases.

    Good deal, right?

    • Polaris says:

      Nekulturny. It’s not a good deal when we come back and steal your own wallet (how’s the ruble and your stock market looking right now ?) and then we make sure you never work again, Dolboeb.

  7. Yosiph Visarionovich says:

    That is just dirty propaganda, rebjata does in for truth and for love in crimea russians, thats all.

    Za rodinu, za bank eccount of aparatchiks and vors v zakone, uraaa!!!!

  8. Francis Higgins says:

    Yes,these are 25 things which Russia will gain based on only 17% majority over other ethnic groups. However, social unrest, distrust around the world and bickering between ethnic groups in mother Russia will now be an unwelcome heritage.

  9. Bob Bobson says:

    I hope the Ukraine bleeds Russia for this. Maybe then the Georgians, Moldovans and every other former soviet republic with Russian troops will stand up and kick out the Russian forces in their countries as well.

    • Johny_D says:

      Guys, you better read the history of Ukraine – its artificial state, created by soviets. Same language, same ppl, almost same interests. Current so-called government of “independent Ukraine came to power as a result of bandit coup. as Obama said its a choice of Ukraine ppl – he lies!

      • Nafta says:

        I think you BETTER listen to your own advice and read history of Ukraine yourself. Read about the founding of the city of Kiev, and history of Kievan Rus which is modern day Ukraine. FYI Ukraine and Ukrainians have history dating back to the time when Moscow was nothing but bare land with puddles.

    • Ivanoff says:

      Of course you do! Let’s face it, you don’t really care about the Ukraine or Russia because it’s not the blood of your people that will be spilt. This shows the typical duplicity of the US and EU neocons when it comes to democracy and rule of law. You are not getting off the hook this time!

  10. bob says:

    ….plus the cry baby U.S.,boo hoo, boo hoo….

  11. bob says:

    …….we wanted to control the worlds gas and oil,their economies.boo hoo…..now the Ukrain will thrive and we(U.S.) cant destroy them…..maybe Syria is still up for grabs for Isreal’s quest for a super state?

  12. bob says:

    ……build house’s for us Americans and see what “white flight” is on a grand scale…..proud Americans,with no country……

  13. johnj says:

    I will take the booze.

  14. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Agree with grzgrz. Dumb move by Putin. Only reason he even tried this is because he knows Obama is weak.

  15. Johny_D says:

    I am loving it! Good buy!

  16. john says:

    This one sided bigotry has to stop. Russia gave Crimea to Ukraine as a friendship offering in the 1950’s, a treaty was also signed to allow Russian troops and a base to continue in the Crimea until a renewal which should be in 2018. Ukrainians are hurting for money because they aren’t getting enough from the goodwill rent Russia has given them for leasing the land and cost cuts on natural gas. Ukraine owes Russia about 2 billion in gas debt by the way and are always looking for an excuse not to pay! The new Ukrainian government has fascist ties and heavy resentment towards Russia as the winner and persecutor of the second world war. Many of the people who are now in charge of the government saw their grandfathers arrested and sent to gulags because they were working for the Nazi’s when Germany invaded Ukraine. If they really want to side towards the E.U. then they are digging a deeper hole for themselves. Crimea on the other hand Has a 95% Russian speaking and ethnic Russian population that has lived there for decades. The referendum will allow the people to voice there opinion and as you can see most of them prefer the stability and structure Russia will provide for them. Ukraine is pissed because if they loose the Crimea they wont get the millions of dollars Russia pays for leasing the Sevastopol base! Russia is the biggest country in the world with more than enough resources. They do not need or want to get into other people business unlike the U.S.! They are just protecting there own people! Its about time the United States starts worrying about its own people too!

    • Lev says:

      John. Your twisted (russian propagandized)version of the history is amazing. Please keep in mind when I say “Russia” or “Russian”, I do not mean the Russian people. I am referring to the corrupt dirtbags (Putin and his band of thieves.

      There was no “friendship offering” by Khrushchev in 1954. It was done to infiltrate and influence the Ukrainian government.

      Ukrainians are hurting for money due to 2 major factors. 1. Russia stole all the peoples money from their bank accounts (business and personal). 2. Because of the corrupt deals made by the puppet communist officials remaining after the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukrainian goods were sold to Russia for 1/3 of their value. During Soviet times, 80% of agricultural products for the Soviet Union came from the Ukraine (60% afterwards). The Ukraine was unable to sell their goods on the world market.

      During WW2 the Ukraine fought both the Soviets and the Nazis. They had been fighting Russia before the Staling imposed famine of 7-10 million people. They never sided with the Nazis. That was propaganda. Even back then they wanted independence.

      The language spoken and ethnicity it irrelevant. Just because a majority of a population in a region of country speaks a language or of ethnic decent does not make that area belong to that “heritage”. That is a ridiculous point.

      The “referendum” will be fair and without corruption. That can be sure when all non-Russian media outlets have been shut down.

      The Ukraine wasn’t getting the “millions” of dollars for leasing the base. It was being funneled into the dirty hands of the corrupt officials.

      Russia may have natural deposit resources but they are don’t have the food resources.

      Putin does not need to get or want to get into other people’s business? I won’t mention Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, etc.

      “Protecting their own people”? From who and what? The ones in danger are the victims of the violence from the instigators put in place by Putin (Dnepropetrovsk more Ukrainian speaking “nazis” died yesterday). The russian speaking people in danger? Once again. Those russian speaking people are not Russian. They are not russian’s own people.

    • CZenda says:

      I did not bother to read the rest of this Russkie propaganda following the first mention of “fashist”. Those who do not know yet: In Putler´s Russia, “fashist” is an adjective used for anything not conforming to Putler´s wishes. It has no ties whatsoever with Mussolini or Dolfi.

  17. Toni Lehto says:

    #26: a few thousand Tatar suicide bombers.

  18. Leigh says:

    A lot of you are focused on the “little picture” rather than the big one. 90% of the worlds wealth is held by about 1500 billionares world wide. the rest of us fight over the other 10%. These folks constantly play games like this, using whole countries often to get their ends. No mater who “takes over” a country, one of these 1500 billionares will be the folks who end up controling or breaking up the assets. It doesn’t mater what country you are from, so don’t get sucked into the “blame game”. These folks who are in the real control, rarely are ever seen in public or media, its why they use political leaders and parties as cat paws. The ultimate goal is something like the “hunger games” … a few “elite” ruled cities, full of the super wealthy, and a Controled population of “working” slaves, be they wage slaves, economic slaves, etc. All big governments have been pretty much Allied for the last couple of hundred years, wars are about economy stimulus, population control and reduction. Its pretty much up to all of us to resist the many changes that allow the “one world government” to gain power over this planet.

    Try to avoid acting to negative, and look to positive action, Learn about alternitive simple technologies, get off the “national grid” and become less reliant upon supermarket chain food supplies.. keep supporting small traditional businesses. Grow local Heirloom food and medicine plants, share the seed, cuttings and teach others. Most of this is available on the web. The Easten European people have one advantage in this, because of your life styles, many of those in the country side has kept alive traditions and skills that have died out in the west.

    Its one big reason why i like this website, often takes a look back at these skills. there is even an article about how to make silk paper!

    I wish everyone involved in this trouble good luck and safe passage though these interesting times. Keep up the continued reporting :)Thank you.

  19. Larry says:

    All that stuff, all those 550 BIG factories, used to belong to Ukraine. I presume President Putin is prepared to compensate Ukraine. If not, see you in court.

  20. davep says:

    10000 rubles = 19 dollars… Putin will soon be a has been… Money rules.

  21. davep says:

    Putin is a poor little bald man with Man TITs.

  22. Rob Normann says:

    Russia have a great president and should be proud. Wish we had a president like him in my country too.

  23. julio says:

    USA get 1/3 his land in referendum from Mexico, when
    majority was mexicans that not vote, and the land and people was never yanke. Russia get 1/600 his land in referendum from Crimea 95%, when majority was russians, and the land and people was ever russians. Maybe both areas must return? Hey, dont be fanatics, they dont go for one eventual president(both capitalists)but for theirs countries.

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