2 Mine Sweeper Drone Dragonfly

Mine Sweeper Drone Dragonfly

Posted on March 10, 2014 by tim


A mine-sweeping drone was shown to the public at the Moscow security technologies expo. The gadget reportedly can keep flying for up to 40 minutes and detect different types of home-made explosives from as far away as 120 feet. They call it “Strekoza”, which means dragonfly, and the CEO of the company producing the “Dragonflies” is sure it can change the process of explosives detection. As, he says, for now the person with a detector is used to find the explosives, but in the case of a Dragonfly, it can be carried in an armored personnel carrier and fly around detecting bombs when needed. Then later the detected bombs can be destroyed remotely. As he says, the Russian police department has expressed interest in these as they may be the solution to their problems.


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  1. Telorax says:

    Perfect for neutralising Ukrainian civilians.

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