7 Man Becomes the Leader of the Wolf Pack

Man Becomes the Leader of the Wolf Pack

Posted on March 10, 2014 by team

Dmitry is a biologist who lives in an underpopulated remote part of Belarus. He is often visited by foreigners, film directors, and those who are interested in wild nature. He started to keep wolves eight years ago, soon after he had moved there to the land of lakes, marshes and forests. These animals were dangerous for locals then and were repeatedly shot. Dmitry came to develop ecotourism but soon realized that people cared more about hunting than nature conservation there and he asked to take three wolf-cubs under his control.

They were still blind when their mothers were killed and Dmitry got them – two males and one female cub. He became a family for them.

When Dmitry comes near to them, they become restless and each tries to be the first to lick his hand. The male wolves may even fight, but the human leader of the wolf pack always finds some caress and attention for everyone.

When Dmitry lets his “pets” walk, local children and women lock themselves in their houses. Just to be on the safe side…

Actually wolves do not look for conflicts, it’s often people who provoke them…

Dmitry confidently says he will have no doubts about killing the animals if he ever starts worry for his own life.

Today he makes his living by entertaining numerous tourists. He takes his business seriously, and has been making guest rooms on the second floor of his house for several years. All works are done with his own hands. Many foreigners do not want to stay in a local hotel just because they need better conditions, and Dmitry tries to do his best to offer rooms of European standards.

It is impossible to teach a wolf to do any tricks, that for example, a dog can do – it’s not the animal for a circus.

Practically every year Dmitry is offering to take more blind wolf cubs… Otherwise they would not have a chance to survive.

Nevertheless he cannot save all the wolves here, and should he really do it?


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7 Responses to “Man Becomes the Leader of the Wolf Pack”

  1. seventhwave says:

    Used to have a wolf when i was growing up,female one,wasn’t able to completely tame her,specially when it came to feeding her, been thinking of going back to the woods to find another wolf cub.

  2. Randy says:

    Wonderful story. Kudos to him for looking after these animals. Wolves are intelligent and actually compassionate animals that can get along with people if people are not aggressive to them. Again. Very nice story.

  3. Dan says:

    There are obviously different types of wolves. These animals seem rather small to me. I have seen wolves in Alaska that are much larger, stand much taller.

    • Tony says:

      I have heard of a biological concept called: “trophy engineering” – hunters search for the largest baddest looking wolves to make rugs out of, leaving the smaller wolves less likely to end up as rugs. Over a long time, the situation favours the smaller wolf, which becomes more prevalent. I don’t want to re-enact the scopes trial here but its something to consider. ;)

  4. George says:

    Wolves are beautiful animals. There’s no reason man and wolf can’t live together. But I think there’s something primal about a wolf that strikes fear into some men, they just freak out and think it must be killed. But man needs to learn to share too.

    Check out this link about the reintroduction of wolves into Yosemite Valley park and the impact they have had. The impact is so strong, it has even changed the course of rivers there believe it or not.


  5. Jean says:

    Normally wolves are the natural provision for controlling rodents, sick animals and foreign wild, but due to environmental issues we now need somebody to look after them. And JA (DA) it is again in the right side of europe/asia by the right PEOPLE.

  6. Leigh says:

    Fantastic job looking after them. You can see all the “right body language” from them as hes working with them, they show submition but stength, It would be good if he got a few more for his “pack”. The wolf has had a bad raputation world wide (the 3 badies in all stories, the wolf, the rat and the bat) but they are the genetic base for all dog breeds world wide. Only thing i could see they might need are things to do, as they are very intelligent and inquisitive, and do really well with puzzles, otherwise they get a bit destructive (notice the removal of the shirt off the clothes line). Educating the town’s kids would be his best bet too, so that a generation of people learn not to kill our brother wolf. well done sir, well done. Keep up the great work.

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