13 Those Who Oppose Terrorists

Those Who Oppose Terrorists

Posted on March 7, 2014 by team

These people have been sent to North Caucasus for fifteen years. At the cost of their lives they stop bandits and terrorists.

The images you are about to see are exclusive. They were taken at the time of special operations by the special-purpose team from Moscow (usually it is a sniper who takes photos). We cannot show you their faces. Such operations are secret and no journalists are allowed.

By the way, this group is equipped and prepared better than others. The fighters of the group are constantly taking exercises being an elite of special forces. It’s hard to believe but their monthly earnings are only about 1300 dollars.

They tie white ribbons to see fighters from their own team in a battle.

Body of the armoured URAL – there is a crew cell under the canvas.

Lunch for fighters.

The dog is used to search after explosives.

Rock hammers are used for operations in the mountains.

The fighter is training a knife fighting technique. Yes, it’s a face of an enemy on the picture.

Going on-site. The fighter is holding a Kalashnikov gun of 100 series. Helmets with bullet-proof glass are bought by fighters themselves. The state provides helmets ZSH-2 to them, but they are too heavy and uncomfortable. Actually they have to buy many elements of equipment for their own money.

There are eighteen fighters in the group.

The group is getting ready to ambush.

The fighters are holding silenced submachineguns.

Looks beautiful, but danger may be hidden behind any small hill.

View from the ambush. They may wait in ambush from five hours to three days.

Preparation for a special operation.

Almost everything they wear is bought by them. The camouflage is American, only the fighter on the left has a Russian uniform on.

The area of operation is enclosed around the perimeter. Bad guys will not escape. The roads are being blocked.


This fighter, for example, bought absolutely everything he has for his own money.

Bandits refused to surrender and tried to oppose. The house was taken by storm, the bad guys were liquidated.

Bandits have to be examined because they hide grenades in their pants sometimes.

Handmade grenades.

Just before flying to Moscow.

via sfw.so


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13 Responses to “Those Who Oppose Terrorists”

  1. bob says:

    Why kill them ? Send them to the” United States of Meth”(U.S.) As political refugees to wreck havoc…..or maybe they would fit right in….normal American crooks…lol……

  2. bob says:

    This squad could make American streets safe again.People could go out after dark in L.A,St. Louis,Little Rock,etc.,etc…..

  3. john says:

    They don’t get paid enough for doing that.Above all remain safe.

  4. tony says:

    This webpage has become the voice of the Kremlin.

  5. Osip says:

    “They tie white ribbons to see fighters from their own team in a battle.”
    So, why not simply wear pink uniforms?

  6. Johny_D says:

    its pity that radicals use Quran for bad purposes….

  7. Tutan Camon says:

    They use AK’s???????Ha,ha,ha,ha!!!!AK spears?????Helloooooooooooooo,we are in 2014 not in 1970!!!!!!

    • MAXDMG says:

      Small arms are slowly becoming obsolete) Simply improving, the Americans still M60 and M16 use, retrogrades same…. And about the AK there are new AK-103 and how that will go into service AK 12)

    • Igor says:

      You haven’t had much of military training, have you? As a matter of fact, by your comment I can tell its absolute 0.

  8. Dick says:

    This is what is in store for the Ukraine.

  9. Jean says:

    Very Interesting, but to buy your own equipment is also common in the Dutch army, and for the same reason also, to heavy, to cumbersome and not comfortable. Only the dutch government is more on the hand of terrorists and landtraitors as for their own soldiers.

  10. Roman says:

    Why Medvedev face is blurred? aaa he’s not there oo Kim Jong Putin is watching us.

  11. Igor says:

    Their government should give them a raise and reimburse for their equipment. They should also get them some nice optics, goggles, knee pads, tactical gloves and make some room for camelbacks to go with it. My respect for guys that get down and dirty and straight down to business.

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