21 Huge Mysterious Megaliths

Huge Mysterious Megaliths

Posted on March 6, 2014 by team


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21 Responses to “Huge Mysterious Megaliths”

  1. MikeSierra67 says:

    There aren’t any mysterious there.
    Simply, they are granitic stones. And granitic stones break in cubic shapes by himself.

    • Tommo says:

      Sadly true. Close to where I live in Australia there is a place called Girroween on the granite belt between Queensland and New South Wales. There are also many granite cubes there. There are also massive ‘pyramids’, natural arches and at one place a human face comes out of a rock. But it is all naturally formed.

    • kronion2005 says:

      Yes, you might be right, but this is a WALL, not the mountain formation!!

    • Mr.Evans says:

      Take Your Meds and Go
      Back To Sleep SteveSierra67.

  2. Raimund says:

    Hi, I live in Germany, in the northern part of Bavaria and I have the Fichtelgebirge at my doorstep. It has same formations at this one.

  3. john says:

    Very interesting place.

  4. Dan says:

    Very interesting, but I don’t think as mysterious as it seems. However, it defies belief that some ancient people would not have seen this monolith as a Sky Castle, a natural defensive stronghold and have moved in.

  5. Jean says:

    Nice piece of rocks, but my garden is to small for it, so let it be a RUSSIAN historic site without speculation.

  6. manitan says:

    If it’s a natural formation… Then you’re not.

  7. scienceofficer says:

    I don’t think so pal, looks like a natural formation. you need the I am so retarded that no one will beable to see it cuz there so retarded also.com

  8. Dan says:

    WOW!!!! big rocks——Like we’ve never seen them before. NY has Rock City Park in Olean,NY check it there all natural

  9. Manitou says:

    The investigators, who I hope are archaeologists with some knowledge of not only the Stonehenge and Giza systems but the New world pyramids, the mound-builder sites, and the dolmen-like sites in New England, should check for equinox light in the interiors, as well as any energy readings emitted; also see if they ring like a bell at certain frequencies. I hope the sites don’t get wrecked before competent people take a look.

  10. motengator says:

    I hear Tetris music !

  11. Doug Brown says:

    The Bible clearly identifies the presence of Giants on the earth, women mating with a non-human species with clear supernatural deviations, meaning abilities we have yet to discover. Baalbeck in Lebanon is one of these oddities. Non-belief in the supernatural is one’s individual limitation, it certainly doesn’t answer something like this ‘rock-pile’ in Mother Russia. Fascinating report!

  12. jeff mcfarland says:

    fallen angels,nephilim ,

  13. harry says:

    On page two, the first foro is a fake. The Stone exist. The site exist. But the site is in the sacred valley in Peru called Ollantaytambo and the Stone ist less than the half size as shown on the Foto. I’ve been there and I know from what about I’m talking. Also Foto two is not in Russia. All other structures are made by nature …

    • carlos says:

      Really,u must work for the Smithsonians…to bad they can’t hide the megalithics like they did with other discoveries b/4…

  14. Jack says:


  15. Miguel says:


  16. Mr.Evans says:

    Bull MikeSierra67.

    Go Take Your Meds and Go back To Sleep.

  17. Thip Piankam says:

    Look at the pages 9 and 12. This should be fakes? Ahso, Yonaguni is also a fake and if the Archaelogie could delete Puma Punku, they would do it. We must put all these things much farther into the past. Here is also the Church the brake, because God made heavens and earth about 6000 years ago. Funny, ha? These Russian stones are probably unbelievable old and deserve to be studied. Otherwise they will share the fate with Hueyatlaco in Mexico,f.e.,where unbelievable digging-sensations and findings served as building-sites for houses and gardens. Digging sites which proof that there where people who lived in this area already 600.000 years ago. And that CAN not be! Google for Cynthia Irvin-Williams.

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