1 Swimming with Guns Championship

Swimming with Guns Championship

Posted on March 5, 2014 by tim


You probably didn’t know, but there is an annual championship held in the Russian Army, that is called “Swimming with Arms”. Its objective is to find the best swimmers who can swim and dive with full ammunition, uniform and loaded guns. The record breaking results were shown in 2012, however the practical norm to be allowed to participate in the championship is to be able to swim 100 metres in less than three minutes, carrying the Kalashnikov gun with you. Also, a soldier must be able to swim under water no less than 40 metres, also carrying all his ammo and being fully dressed. Usually, almost a hundred of best trained Army athletes compete for the chance to win a trophy.


Занятия по преодолению водных преград солдат Группы российских войск в Закавказье, 2000 год140305134419

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One Response to “Swimming with Guns Championship”

  1. mitro says:

    That’s perfect championship…
    in fact in the real war, a bullet from a sniper’s rifle must be watched..

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