3 New Rocket Goes to the Launchpad

New Rocket Goes to the Launchpad

Posted on March 5, 2014 by tim


A new Soyuz2 rocket is ordered to be prepared for a launch. This is being classified as a lighter rocket compared to the bigger ones used before and it is only the second one built to date. Here we can see the photos of how it looks and a video of a launch itself.


The rocket is being guarded by special army forces throughout all the time spent travelling to a launchpad.


Officers are on report. Please note plastic bags on their feet – this is done to maintain extra cleanness inside of the facility.



Some of the similar launches are performed from Plesetsk – a place deep in the woods, close to the White Sea.



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3 Responses to “New Rocket Goes to the Launchpad”

  1. tony says:

    It’s interesting how in Russia everyone takes order…even rockets take orders. And why must this rocket be guarded by military folks. Who’s going to attack it…other Russians???

  2. alessio215 says:

    the picture of the rocket facility in the snow is really romantic.
    God Bless the space exploration.

  3. A.Oscar says:

    Enigma Global by A.Oscar (I appreciate today English Russia into my thoughts)
    Very interesting the way rockets have been putted in place: all that have had experience gain through many years, and still learning more is time progressing. Many times I have thought about human’s comprehension between among all of them all over the world. Terrestrials could be by now in another planet somewhere in Universe: but some humans either jealousy: or some groups wants be by themselves to control the world and be the Master. I have mention many times about this: any planet or star going through evolutions many times: but Earth is in the same category, special to do with environment and a nuclear War. To dangers from now towards the future: the greed and hate has done many problems, and professional lairs are right all of times, like when they are losing or don’t know lying again to be on top. If many countries could get together to conquer the voyage into Space and putted humans in another planet: we may save human race, because the Hearth slowly dying, which in time we never knowing when, but this decade will be the most important decade for life on Earth? 06/03/2014 by A.Oscar

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