3 Drugs and Guns Were Seized

Drugs and Guns Were Seized

Posted on March 4, 2014 by tim


Witnesses on the street have seen how unnamed people arrested a driver of SUV, tying his hands with their belts. Also, substantial amounts of drug-like substances were seized, at the same time the collection of firearms and ammo, illegally owned, surfaced. More photos inside.



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3 Responses to “Drugs and Guns Were Seized”

  1. MAXDMG says:

    What a pity that in prison will be on our taxes to contain…. it would be Cheaper to put a bullet in the head, not to feed criminals 20 years…..

  2. Osip says:

    So, where does this occur? Many of the firearms are of Czech origin.

  3. dagar says:

    What a pity that we make stuff like that illegal. It would be cheaper to make it all legal and tax the sales (like alcohol).

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