43 This Car is Crazy

This Car is Crazy

Posted on March 1, 2014 by tim

A Russian guy has built this car. He said he used computer 3D modeling software to design the outer appearance and the suspension characteristics of his future car. Then he, with friends, built it. You will have now a unique chance to review his creation one of the first in the world!


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43 Responses to “This Car is Crazy”

  1. johnj says:

    I like it.

  2. Rifat says:

    its really crazy car :) love it

  3. aley says:

    Nice Jumbo Car User safe and Public??

  4. Car says:

    woww… amazing car.. I like it, :)

  5. Des says:

    … but does it drive?

  6. Dogmatix says:

    Top idea, but if you ask me the suspension looks a little flimsy, I would have used much bigger axles and heavy duty differentials, then hold it all together with bigger arms and chassis.

  7. cyril thompson says:

    Dogmatix, you just come across as an insecure cock when you respond by immediately being dismissive. Why think it’s about you? Why not see the wonder in this guys imaginitive creation and at least make one tiny positive comment as well as potentially constructive feedback? What a miserable cunt you must be.

  8. Dogmatix says:

    Hi Cyril, seriously, I think it’s a really good idea, just suggested some refinements to make it stronger. You must be coming down of some drug fix…. lovely language too….I guess you need to be tough with a name like Cyril. Or was it you who built this car and took offence to my constructive suggestion?

  9. fatih says:

    i think its not working

  10. Russell says:

    I think it’s REALLY COOL!!! If you needed to make it there in a blizzard for sure! It reminds me of one of those beetles that can shoot acid! (Or a spaceship!) LOL- Great work guys!

  11. Russell says:

    Ok – here’s the breakfast skinny for the “Car Crazy!” Did you know Toyota has a new vehicle called Mirai? “Future” in translation – can run off of hydrogen producing only water as a byproduct. This fuel could potentially be created using porous silicone and sunlight – research online! Only emission is pure water!!! WOW – but it could not get you there in a blizzard like this one! Pass the good news and let’s get cracking on a new alternative – a GREEN alternative for a better world!

    Hope you find the intel online!
    “Dowbru-yeah Otra!”
    Bon apetite!


  12. Genrih says:

    It looks flimsy. I bet he used the engine and the transmission from that old maxima as well. Must be one of those phallic issues

  13. Bursa Kombi Servisi says:

    It gives a very nice car safe

  14. shahid pervaiz says:

    amaizing car

  15. plombier paris says:

    It gives a very nice car safe

  16. ahsna96 says:

    its really crazy car

  17. hamo says:

    waht afuckin crazy car

  18. mansmsray says:

    yes crazy car

  19. lawit says:

    oh man is that so?
    what the f*ck was that, thats not real!!!!!!!!

  20. g. kiwia says:

    its good and amaizing

  21. Sherjeel says:

    Thank God this car is not mine otherwise I will crush all stupid traffic of Lahore.

  22. ZARA says:


  23. Mian Akhtar says:

    It’s really a tremendous idea by Great Russian Guys. Superb engineering, I salute to collective effort. Keep it up………!

  24. Tariq Qadri says:

    is good and amazing ,yes crazy car (Tariq Qadri)

  25. Poopa King says:

    You will never get stuck. This is sooooooo cool.

  26. Mohammad Hasnain says:


  27. الأخبار التقنية says:

    Thank God this car is not mine otherwise I will crush all stupid traffic of Lahore

  28. danny rossi says:

    wattttaaaa dam car….love it nd feel to ride it

  29. Tiriz says:

    Great engineering hobby….I love it

  30. MOISES says:

    WAW Yo quiero un auto asi esta genial

  31. Michael says:

    Nice looks like its got good clearance ever been off rood looks nice

  32. Hassan says:

    Great job keep it up lol

  33. Kit Met says:

    Is this article also available in English?

  34. Kit Met says:

    Is this article also available in English?

  35. Bakulla,G. R. says:

    Really industrialised!

  36. jamaal says:

    nice,good for the jungle

  37. Ivo says:

    monstertruck but a little bit more aerodinamic. wich is useless in a car this big/in snow.

  38. A. Cash says:

    Try to find a parking place for this in Moscow or St. Petersburg :)

  39. Dodge says:

    a very good post, I like your website, therefore it looks perfect and creative. Thanks….

  40. Mpakila says:

    wow, it could fit Botswana well. engineering at larg

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