3 Testing Aircraft Glazing In Russia

Testing Aircraft Glazing In Russia

We are in Obninsk, Russia, to see how they test aircraft and locomotive
glazing there for resistance to bird strikes and other impacts.
3 Sailing Ships Make the Moscow Street Bighter

Sailing Ships Make the Moscow Street Bighter

An enthusiastic team of graffiti masters beautified grey houses in Sevastopol avenue in
Moscow, having depicted awesome sailing ships. Any dull street may become bright!
6 Unusual Soviet Creation: Rocket Launcher 9P116

Unusual Soviet Creation: Rocket Launcher 9P116

During the arms race many interesting and unusual vehicles were created. To most of us they look rather
strange, however some of them may even astonish specialists. The rocket launcher 9P116 is just one of these.

12 Maidan From the Side of Police

Maidan From the Side of Police

Most of the pictures we may see from the Maidan conflict in Kiev, Ukraine, are taken from the side of the opposition. Now, when it
already looks like a real war and becomes hotter than ever, we have a chance to look at the situation from the side of police.

0 Cooling Tower: What Is It?

Cooling Tower: What Is It?

You have surely seen structures like this but do you know what they are used for? Cooling towers are used for cooling a large amount of water by directed air flow. Today it is one of the most efficient facilities for water cooling in circulation supply systems of industrial
companies. High towers create that very air draft required for efficient cooling of circulating water. Extraction towers serve to create a natural draft due to a thermal difference of the air supplied to the cooling tower and heated air coming out of it.
3 These Look Familiar

These Look Familiar

Do you want a Snickers bar? No thanks, I have "Parkour", it has nuts and everything. Mars? No, thanks, we have "Maneur". It even has a soccer ball on its wrapper, checkmate
marsophiles. Milky Way? Not at all. I've got "Musicle". It has some notes for stars. Nuts? No way!! I have "Fort"! It has nuts! Nuts! There are some more inside.
5 Just Some Tractors

Just Some Tractors

Just a new model of Russian
tractors. Pretty cool looking, eh?

4 Beauty and Power: Russian Multiple Launch Rocket Systems

Beauty and Power: Russian Multiple Launch Rocket Systems

We are at the most secret military unit located in Tver, Russia. It is exactly where multiple launch rocket systems and support vehicles are based. Strangers are not allowed here, in this place
of high secrecy. Only some days before the Defender's day a group of journalists could visit this place and take pictures of the beauty, power and strength of the Russian army.
3 High Snow In Sakhalin

High Snow In Sakhalin

The citizens of Sakhalin are not going to work, or their children to school because classes are cancelled. The airport is not
functioning and dozens of flights were postponed. It does not sound good, but these pictures look positive anyway!
3 The Snow Tank

The Snow Tank

A student from Altai, Russia, has built a big tank in the village garden of his granny. It took him two weeks and all the snow from the garden to make the tank. The snow vehicle was
sculptured in strict compliance with drawings of the real tank, the talented student even used a ruler for measurements. How do you like his job? via isvestiy-kamen.ru

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