6 The Last of Tu 144 Planes [30 photos]

The Last of Tu 144 Planes [30 photos]

The Tu-144 is a supersonic Soviet transport aircraft. There were sixteen Tu-144's built. Tu-144D USSR-77115 is the
last Tu-144 still flying, and right now we have chance to have a close look at it and to even get inside.

2 This Exciting Winter Fishing

This Exciting Winter Fishing

Fishing on a sunny winter day is a good idea! Those who come to Rynda bay of Russkiy island every year for a fishing competition know this for sure. Men take their
wives and kids because it's pleasure for them all. They catch fish from under ice not even for making family fish soup, but mostly for excitement.

3 Hello From the Olympic Village

Hello From the Olympic Village

Most of those who eagerly wanted to visit Sochi during the Olympic Games did their best to obtain tickets in
advance. But did you have any chance to see any competitions if you came in the midst of the Olympics?
1 Fire In the Village: No Chance to Save the House

Fire In the Village: No Chance to Save the House

How does a house usually burn down in a village? If not extinguished in the very first moments it can hardly be saved, and people do not call the fire department because they still hope to
manage the situation by their own efforts. But the house is burning down too fast, and when they realize their impotence they start to dial 01 with their trembling burnt fingers...
0 The Weather Today Is…

The Weather Today Is…

If you are wondering how it is today in
Anadir, Siberia, Russia then here is how it
12 Ex Customs Chief Got Tied on Streets

Ex Customs Chief Got Tied on Streets

So if the President of Ukraine has escaped, some of the top officials were less lucky. Please meet one of the Ukrainian customs chiefs who controlled the customs of Karpaty. As has been said, he was
caught by the angry crowd next to his office and tied up with sticky tape to a nearby street light. People wanted to get details of the dark operations they suspect customs were involved in.

16 Pillaged Residence of Ukrainian President

Pillaged Residence of Ukrainian President

You might have already heard the news that the president of Ukraine has fled Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. If not then yes, that is the latest news from Ukraine. His private mansion was left without any guards on site, and people got in freely taking photos and looking around getting more of an idea of how the Ukrainian leader spent
his time. Here we see the mansion from outside. It had its own private lake and even a sailing ship. Also other attractions he had there were his private zoo, a 2 pound solid gold coin with his face on it, parts of antique Greek buildings and more. Inside we covered the most interesting parts of his residence:
5 This is Revolution

This is Revolution

You know that there is a revolution on
when a luxury Porsche is being clubbed.
0 Pacific Landfill

Pacific Landfill

It's a landfill in Primorye - on the Pacific coast of Russia. They say in winter they receive 400 tons of trash daily. The stuff is being sorted by
people and then goes either to recycling facilites or to be dumped directly on the landfill field. How much of the trash is recycled?
1 Soviet Atomic Flagship

Soviet Atomic Flagship

Shared by one of our readers, Steve, this is a video from the era when Soviet documentaries were still being translated into foreign languages. This particular one tells a story of an atomic icebreaker that could sustain people deep into the polar ice
fields without any need of external sources of heat or fuel, which was really groundbreaking technology at the time and is still pretty cool even now. There is one more documentary on atomic power in Soviet Russia as a bonus inside:

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