1 Dental Clinic of Chernobyl

Dental Clinic of Chernobyl

One of the most interesting places in abandoned Pripyat is a dental clinic which used to be a part of the big multi-functional
health care complex. It is located in the central street of Enthusiasts but those who visit the city today rarely drop by.

6 Ukrainian Revolution On Paintings

Ukrainian Revolution On Paintings

A new way to earn some money has appeared in Ukraine. Just recently the time of painters was considered long gone,
but now they can earn $1000 by depicting current tragic events. Some themed paintings are inside the post.
17 House of Attorney General Who Also Fled

House of Attorney General Who Also Fled

The favourite entertainment of revolutionaries in Ukraine now, is to visit houses of usurpers who fled. This, for example, is the private house of attorney general of Ukraine, doctor of laws, Victor P. Pshonki. Get ready
to see masterpieces of medieval masters and splendid icons on the walls, Faberge Eggs all over the house, a collection of cold arms, many pictures of Yanukovich and even  ... relics in his study...
3 Love Story of Olympic Heroes: Vic And Alena

Love Story of Olympic Heroes: Vic And Alena

She came to their first date with her torn knee ligaments, and he came to Novosibirsk from remote America to give her a
bar of Russian chocolate "Alenka". Their love story has already touched hearts of millions of sports fans.

3 Women of Ukrainian Ex President

Women of Ukrainian Ex President

This woman is Lubov Polezhai, ex common law wife of the ex-president of Ukraine - Victor Yanukovich. They have been dating for
many years though the dictator was not divorced with his wife Ludmila. They say she's a sister of the president's cook.
4 Churches of Unknown Past

Churches of Unknown Past

This article is about abandoned monumental churches of the Vologda region whose history is
unfortunately unknown. So we post these pictures just for your visual enjoyment.
4 In the Belorussian Field Camp

In the Belorussian Field Camp

The place we are about to visit is a Belorussian military field camp of the missile artillery regiment that has already been functioning for a month. Check
out how the Belorussian army live in the field conditions, what the Belorussian soldiers eat and how dangerous the missile launcher "Uragan" is.

1 Pre Revolutionary Kiev

Pre Revolutionary Kiev

Kiev and Maidan square the way it looked in August 2013 when the word "Euromaidan" still didn't exist. The
city that was living its life: busy and calm at the same time. Will it ever look like this in future?
2 Guy Sets Fire to Himself And Jumps From The Building

Guy Sets Fire to Himself And Jumps From The Building

This is how young people have fun in Barnaul, Russia. Really scary. The guy set fire to himself and jumped from the five-storey house ... to immediately stand up and say it was cool. A group of
amazed teens surrounded the guy and praised him for his courage. Sasha (that very guy) explained that he liked extreme activities and had already been practiсing them for several years.

4 Triumphant Friday at Maidan

Triumphant Friday at Maidan

The story of the Russian blogger zyalt: The Ukranian events are developing with a terrific speed. Just a couple of days ago people were talking about ending the Maidan events, but yesterday, the only subject everyone talked about was where did Yanukovych flee. The house of cards created by Yanokovych was destroyed yesterday right after the agreement with the opposition was signed. It no longer
matters what the agreement between the opposition and the government was about - the agreement did not even last half a day. Maidan just went crazy, people, high on victory, only demand one thing now - they want the justice to be prevailed over Yanokovych and his people. The whole downtown of Kiev, including the governmental district is under rebel control.

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