3 IL 76T: Civil Modification of a Military Craft

IL 76T: Civil Modification of a Military Craft

Il-76T is a civil modification of the famous military-transport aircraft. This craft was made in 1981, discarded in 1995. Today it is parked at the aviation technical training
center in Sheremetyevo, Moscow, and is used for study by students who examine the plane for their practical course. Some pictures of the plane are inside the post.
1 The Ukrainian Nipple And Other Mud Volcanoes

The Ukrainian Nipple And Other Mud Volcanoes

This must the biggest nipple of all the Crimea! One can see it on the Kerch peninsular of Ukraine. It has a company of
different mud volcanoes, some of them rather resemble small puddles, others have conical craters and splash with mud...
0 The Girl Is Sad Cause Olympics Is Over

The Girl Is Sad Cause Olympics Is Over

"-Do not cry, honey! Do not cry! - I can't help crying... - The bears will come back. - I can't stop crying, I still will
be crying... - Oh, come on! Why are you crying, Kseniya? - Goodbye... goodbye, my dear bears...goodbye!"
2 Fun in the Army

Fun in the Army

Army life has never been sweet, so soldiers must be very inventive and
creative to brighten their daily routine. This is how they usually have fun.

0 Half Siberian, Half Ural City From Above

Half Siberian, Half Ural City From Above

Chelyabinsk is a Ural city with population of 1,13 million people. It's one of the biggest industrial centers of the country. By the way, it's partially situated in the Ural territory,
and partially in the territory of Siberia. This separation is geological. The western part of the city is a granite one, the eastern one is in the zone of sedimentary rocks.
1 Superjets Assembly Shops

Superjets Assembly Shops

Right now and right here you can visit assembly shops in Komsomolsk, Russia, where Superjets
SSJ-100-95 (RRJ-95) are made and to see how specialists are working there. Even female ones.
2 Open Doors Day In the Army

Open Doors Day In the Army

It's a nervous time for all parents to let their boys go to the army. So it is for their girlfriends. It must be hard not to see the one you love for
at least a year. That's why it is quite curious to see how an open doors day in the army happens. Maybe you've had such an experience too...
0 Huge Russian Metallurgical Complex

Huge Russian Metallurgical Complex

Novolipetsky metallurgical complex is a city inside the city. Yes, its area is truly impressive (28 square kilometers, fence perimeter length -
38 kilometers). The complex makes 17% of all steel in Russia and occupies the third place among the biggest metallurgical plants.
0 How Not to Tow

How Not to Tow

We do not know what this guy was hoping for, maybe it's a normal
thing for Saint-Petersburg, but all the labor was lost.

2 Admiral Vinogradov Comes Back Home

Admiral Vinogradov Comes Back Home

Just yesterday a big anti-submarine ship "Admiral Vinogradov" came back to Vladivostok after its five-month
cruise and successful accomplishment of its combat missions. This is how it was met in the home city.

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