3 Russian Soldiers In Tajikistan

Russian Soldiers In Tajikistan

Photos from the guys who were doing military service in Tajikistan back in 2005. Though this country is independent
it still borders with drug-mecca Afghanistan, so Russian soldiers are often sent to Tajikistan to help.

4 What a Nice Catch!

What a Nice Catch!

This 38,15 kg (84lb) carp is a really wow catch! But some fishermen say
that the older it is the less tasty it becomes. Do you agree?
2 Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Wonderful aurora polaris photographed two
kilometres away from the Barents Sea, in Teriberka.
5 Best Russian Wedding Photos, NOT

Best Russian Wedding Photos, NOT

  A collection of wedding photos that might be a perfect example of how NOT to shoot your wedding. Montages, collages, transformer heroes and of course photoshop skills: young people
often cannot limit their own creativity when deal with their wedding pictures. Are these images much different from what you can see in your own wedding photo album?
1 Subway Car Repair Plant In Kiev

Subway Car Repair Plant In Kiev

Pictures from the Kiev plant that repairs subway cars. Annually approximately 200 cars are repaired here. Apart from the main purpose
the plant is also used to make a wide range of tools and instruments for its own needs and for different subway services.
5 Tractors Hit the Road

Tractors Hit the Road

What can be more dangerous
than a car on a road? A tractor!
2 The Secret Nuclear Test Ground: Then And Now

The Secret Nuclear Test Ground: Then And Now

The military airfield Bagerovo is located in a Crimean village not far from Kerch, Ukraine. It was a secret test ground of the air forces that
participated in nuclear testing. In 1998 the military unit was disbanded and the airfield with the whole infrastructure was abandoned.
0 The Famous Soviet Fountain

The Famous Soviet Fountain

Fountain "Kolos" ("Ear") is one of the three main fountains of the All-Soviet Union Agricultural Exhibition. It impresses by its dimensions and location - in the middle of the upper
pond of the exhibition centre. The total height of the fountain is sixteen meters, the height of its jets was reaching twenty five meters. The pictures are dated 1954.

0 First Aid For a Wounded Friend

First Aid For a Wounded Friend

Some pictures of the military medical training of a Russian anti-terrorist unit. By the way, sometimes it
may take place at night or in the severe cold but always - in the realistic combat conditions.

3 Beautiful Abandoned Circus

Beautiful Abandoned Circus

The Kishinev circus is an incredibly cool place with splendid staircases in the
lobby and ceramic sculptures on the walls. Check it out for yourself.

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