2 Olympic Bobsleigh And Luge Track On a Foggy Day

Olympic Bobsleigh And Luge Track On a Foggy Day

One of the Russian bloggers took a chance to visit the bobsleigh/luge track in Olympic Sochi and see it from the
angles we normally do not see on TV. Luckily, he did not hide his emotions and shared the images with us.

2 Russian Air Missile System Stuns India

Russian Air Missile System Stuns India

Air missile system "Tor-M2KM" became the main Russian exhibit at DEFEXPO INDIA 2014 in New Delhi. This system in its modular design is able to fully meet the challenge of anti-aircraft defence of megacities and industrial centers being inside on their territories. The area of the protected object is
over 200 square kilometres. The system can simultaneously detect and process up to 48 air targets, display information about ten of them - the most dangerous ones, destroy four of them at the same time. The construction of the system is suitable for any chassis or platform.
5 Church: to the Space and Beyond

Church: to the Space and Beyond

As it has been reported by API news agency, there is a cosmonaut (astronaut) space suit that has been developed especially for the use by Orthodox church priests while their (possible) space trips. As the agency says: "priests can fly to space with accordance to all their religious protocols and implement their
function in space. It's not yet clear when the first launch is planned though". Also, recently there were reports of Russian Orthodox Church adopting special Olympic uniform to support the Sochi Winter Games. Here we can see some photos of the Church's head in the mentioned outfit:

5 Unforgettable Experience: High Altitude Stratosphere Flight

Unforgettable Experience: High Altitude Stratosphere Flight

A photo story of one flight on a MiG-29 aircraft at the altitude of 17 900 meters with a maximum speed of 1800 km/h. For
those who have never experienced anything like this before it could become the brightest event of a lifetime.
1 The Kingdom Of Salt

The Kingdom Of Salt

It's hard to believe that centuries ago salt was as precious as gold - it was really extracted manually and the process was really hard while today it is
mechanized and salt is very cheap. We are going to visit the main salt-producing company of Ukraine - "Artemsol" that operates in a city called Soledar.
1 Self Propelled Soviet Howitzer

Self Propelled Soviet Howitzer

Some images of a Soviet self-propelled
howitzer "Kondesator" ("Condenser")
3 Weird Pyramid Near Moscow

Weird Pyramid Near Moscow

There is an interesting construction in the Moscow region - the weird pyramid built from fiberglass and wood. We
cannot say what it was built for but curious people keep coming there to have a look at it and buy souvenirs.

4 At the Edge of the Earth

At the Edge of the Earth

Yesterday we showed you wonderful northern lights from Teriberka, the place in the Russian
north. Today more images of the decaying cold village where time stopped many years ago.
2 Forgotten Russian Churches

Forgotten Russian Churches

Some more abandoned beauty dated early nineteenth
century from the Suzdal region of Russia.
2 Russian Wooden Toys

Russian Wooden Toys

So-called Bogorodskaya toys were very popular in the Soviet years, today this craft is slowly dying mainly due to the efforts of Chinese fakers. Today it
is almost impossible to buy a real toy like this even in Moscow, it is sold where it is produced - not far from a Russian city Sergiev Posad.

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