6 The Biggest Command Ship In The World

The Biggest Command Ship In The World

The "Ural" was a command ship operated by the Soviet Navy. She was intended to be a communications
vessel. The electronics and combat missions of this ship used to be closely guarded secrets.
4 Secrets of Enamelware Manufacture

Secrets of Enamelware Manufacture

Today we'll go to a factory where the best enamelware in Russia is produced. Steel enamelware is perfect for cooking and storing food. Due to the enamel contact with
metal is avoided. The factory features a cyclical turnaround producing even package and printing all the necessary information in a printing-office of their own.
8 New Planes to Our Army

New Planes to Our Army

Hi again. Here we have some nice news! One of the air divisions have got new SU-35S equipped with Saturn-AL31 engines, costing at around 50
million dollars a piece. The air force base which got them is said to be in the Far East and their approximate flight range is 3,500 kms.
8 German Potato Field and Our Soldiers

German Potato Field and Our Soldiers

These are the Red Army soldiers walking around at the potato field in Hohheim, Germany. What do they do there? I don't know. Why are
they there? No idea. Do locals look scared? Not at all. And, no, it was not during WW2, the shots are said to be dated 1972.
0 On the Edge of a Dark Pit

On the Edge of a Dark Pit

Olenegorsk, Russia is like this. A Northern town, with a population of around 20,000, it is much further north than the polar circle. This means that there are times in the year - called Polar winters - when the sun doesn't rise and doesn't lighten up peoples lives in the city. This is not the only thing, but now add to this a large, deep mine pit,
which looks pretty depressing even at daytime during this air flight around it, but then in winter when it's all dark and the whole small town is situated on the edge of the primordial dark pit which in size looks like not much smaller than the town itself. Might be a pretty romantic location for some of the Olenegorskians...
1 The stone icebergs of the Eastern Crimea

The stone icebergs of the Eastern Crimea

As a Ukrainian photographer says: "Dawn is a time of a zero gravity. The lake looks alien. The stone icebergs of the
Eastern Crimea" ...and the sun appears slowly from the horizons edge.. via aquatek-filips
22 Nazis as Seen by Russians

Nazis as Seen by Russians

How did Russians see German Nazi invaders
during the World War 2? This is how.
7 People Just go and Burn Down BMW X6

People Just go and Burn Down BMW X6

If people decided to burn down their neighbors car in Moscow, Russia, then they burn BMW X6 - it's more expensive and the fire site would be more cinematic. Why did they burn it?
Because he parked on their lawn, that's what they say. Can we see them in real time caught on camera lighting it up? Yes we can, there is a video embedded down below.
3 If Then  in Russia

If Then in Russia

  Hello and here we have a few photos answering the question If? but adapted to local conditions. For example, to make an idea clear: if you need to make your door so that it could open softly, doesn't rust and doesn't make annoying squeaks then you
might want to use a pair of old rubber flappers and use them like pair of door hinges. Just like on the pic above. Want to see more? We have more! For instance: If you need to clean the snow of your car in the morning in Moscow, then...
6 That Wonderful Soviet Air Company

That Wonderful Soviet Air Company

Soviet company "Aeroflot" was the largest air company in the entire history of the country - 130 million passengers annually! Without any worries people could buy tickets and fly somewhere on Saturday or Sunday. It was exactly "somewhere", not where they
needed or wanted to go. Because to get tickets on a plane that would fly where they needed they had to stand in a long line at the air agency two weeks in advance. Those airports were wonderful, all those kiosks, cafes and even toilets...

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