10 Russian Supercar Marussia

Russian Supercar Marussia

Posted on February 26, 2014 by team

Maybe some people still doubt but Russia has its own supercars. This post is about one of them called “Marussia” – the product of the project that despite many obstacles keeps developing and expanding.

It does not look worse than any Lamborghini or Ferrari.

Marussia has a two-colored design – scarlet with added xirallic gold and matte black which is as soft to the touch as thin leather.

It looks posh from any angle.

The supercar is made at the Moscow factory with a touching name “Snowflake” (“Snezhinka”).

In assembly shops they build the supercar as if from LEGO bricks from customized windows, transmissions, attachments, brakes and wheels. All the rest including the body panels, the interior elements and the suspension are made here in Russia.

Nevertheless everything starts from a sheet of paper. About ten young people, mainly aged between 25 and 30, work at the design bureau where the car design is created.

The pre-approved design of the supercar is made from plasticine and upon its final approval it is sent to the department of construction development.

Each minor detail is processed on computer.

Almost like at an ordinary office.

The factory has three main shops: the first one is for making composite materials and body parts, the second one is for welding and riveting, the third one is for mechanical works.

Here is where they make body elements from composite materials.

The automated process of making matrices. Carbon parts are only made manually.

All carbon details undergo thermal treatment in huge furnaces. “Baking” is one of the longest manufacturing processes (4,5 hours).

Nearby is the shop for making plsatic parts.

First of all they make a master-model which is filled with special silicone jelly-like composition. Then the master-model is pulled out, special holes are made in the “jelly” to fill them with polyurethane whose purpose is to displace air from inside the matrice. Then this all is placed in the furnace where two-components composition (plastic) is injected in through other holes. The detail is ready 40 minutes after. On the photo above is that very silicone “jelly”.

Plastic baking.

In the painting chamber.

By the way not all the workers wear uniforms.

The second shop: for welding and riveting. Here’s where they make the bodies of Marussia cars, and suspension elements.

Soon this pile of super light rigid metal will become a part of a supercar.

An assembled and welded body is treated with antirust and sound insulation materials. Plain surfaces are connected with aircraft aluminium.

The shop of mechanical works. Here they mount the engine, electrics, body parts, gear boxes, etc. Completed cars come out from this very shop.

After assembly the car is to be checked for defects. Then its headlights are adjusted, its systems are tested, and its power is measured.

V2 model is to the left, V1 is to the right.

Almost no open plastic in the salon (except for buttons) – all panels are covered with high quality leather or alcantara or made from carbon.

It’s very comfortable inside.

Marussia has a 6-speed automatic transmission.

To start the car you need to insert a smart-key into the special groove and push the button “Start Engine”. On the photo above is a multimedia system of Marussia.

It’s easy and pleasant to drive this car, even for a beginner.

Separate display for multimedia controls.

Quality control of the supercar is super strict! In the photo above is a pile of wooden workpieces.

Three-axis controlled mill that works with a wooden workpiece: this is how the model created on a computer is turned into a mold-matrice.

More complicated five-axis milling mill enables the creation of more complicated parts.

Manufacture is automated as much as possible.

And here’s the result – ideal surfaces of body elements.

Interior details are rather good too.

The price for Marussia ranges from 100 000 to 138 000 euros. It’s less expensive than most of the other supercars – Audi R8, BMW M6, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini … For approximately the same sum you can only buy a Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 or “gray” Сhevrolet Corvette.

Marussia cars are becoming rather popular in Russia and are even recognized abroad. And it’s only the beginning, soon they plan to open another factory  – in Belgium.

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10 Responses to “Russian Supercar Marussia”

  1. john says:

    Nice car, i like the blue.

  2. Thaniell says:

    Okay, this I could agree on as a socialist car for everyone ;)
    (yes I know, cliche, couldn’t resist, the car is too tempting^^)

  3. xxx says:

    i will take any car any day.Lol that frame work.

  4. ripa says:

    so callled Super Lada, Like sochi olympics looks nice but everything made shit. it was the soviet style and now it’s russian style. that’s why rich russian take workers from germany and buy german cars = best quality in the world.

    • MAXDMG says:

      And Japanese…. And sometimes even American) only old) If you look at half of Russia so that all use right-hand drive Japanese cars because they combine and the price and quality….

  5. Yea!!! says:

    I like this car, looks great! Ripa go to hell!!!

  6. HAMMER says:

    Does it run? What HP does it have? Engine size? Nice for looking at only until I see it roll.

  7. DONALD says:


  8. Evgenyi says:

    I bet they only put a foreign engine transmission and other parts in a badly welded frame with plastic outside. No go only show. As reliabli as ziguli

  9. Jim Philopena says:

    Please tell me they don’t paint it with a brush…. (18th Picture)

    Looks like a 4 cylinder engine. How can it be a supercar unless it’s more than 500 HP???

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