17 House of Attorney General Who Also Fled

House of Attorney General Who Also Fled

Posted on February 24, 2014 by team

The favourite entertainment of revolutionaries in Ukraine now, is to visit houses of usurpers who fled. This, for example, is the private house of attorney general of Ukraine, doctor of laws, Victor P. Pshonki. Get ready to see masterpieces of medieval masters and splendid icons on the walls, Faberge Eggs all over the house, a collection of cold arms, many pictures of Yanukovich and even  … relics in his study…

You’re welcome too!



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17 responses to “House of Attorney General Who Also Fled”

  1. espider says:

    it horrible, it’s so ugly !

  2. Douglas says:

    Fake Faberge eggs….LOL Junk!

  3. tony says:

    OMG…typical for easteuropean rich people without culture and style.

    • MikeSierra67 says:

      Tony, in the west are people with similar “aesthetic” preferences too. But the difference is that, here, they pay it with their own money.

      • Finndude says:

        > [in west], they pay with their own money.

        That’s debatable. Have you heard of tyranny of the wealthy? The USA, for (an excellent) example, is not a democracy but a plutocracy. The wealthy get to make the rules so they get even more wealth. Everyone else just dreams of getting wealthy, and most of them never will…

  4. Johny_D says:

    pure kretino

  5. mart says:

    Any chance you will show Tymoshenko´s residence or that of the cunning weasel and Nuland protege´”Yats” any time soon?

    Ukraine is/where an oligarchy stuck in a time warp.Putin managed to incarcerate these oh so beloved “freedom fighters” in the west, or make them flee to israel. Hence Russia´s restored status as a wealthy (for all) super power.

  6. Tutan Camon says:

    The general attorney is paid by the ucrainean state?????????????????Good salary……

  7. Alain says:

    Mart : “wealthy (for all) super power”
    LOL !

    You are a newby on English Russia ? Did you miss plenty of former photo-reportages on the site ? You’ll see that most Russian miss wealth. Especially in the countryside where tap water is a comfort for many…

    I am pretty sure that if such a revolution would happen in Russia, equivalent richness would be found for Putin and his friends. Instead of building roads, railways, hospitals or paying decent pensions for the elderly…

  8. Mini giraffe says:

    Opulence, I has it. I like the best. So, when Ukraine offer free ticket to flee East. I jump in it…..

  9. MR, Helsinki says:

    If I was rich, I would immediately order same kind of imperial portrait of myself! It’s hilarious! Also, awesome sword collection! 🙂

  10. arazahra says:

    this kinda reminds me of saddam and gadaffi house when they raided. all shines in gold despite the people suffering for living.

  11. Dolgoruky says:

    Elton John’s interior designer has obviously been busy in Ukraine. Slightly ironic given these twats are homophobes.

  12. bob says:

    The United States will make you believe the “Big lie”..you will fight and kill yourselves.You will turn from your protector {Russia}and you will be divided with no known-common enemy…= Russia [the region] weaker,weaker,…gone!The U.S. condones your riots…..and condems,with media black-out,police arrest,etc. their own….When will Russia learn how to “play” the game?As soon as the U.S. removes all the “rich” people from Syria,that chess piece will be gone also…soon….”The United States of Isreal” will emerge…..with their border on Georgia!!!!!

  13. Allen says:

    Very classy Chinese crap sword collection. This awesome interior design has all the appearances of someone that shops eBay exclusively…

  14. al says:

    He has the footballer mentality. No taste but suddenly lots of money to spend to buy what he thinks is tasteful.
    I bet his wife/bit of fluff has leopard print knickers!

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