4 In the Belorussian Field Camp

In the Belorussian Field Camp

Posted on February 23, 2014 by team

The place we are about to visit is a Belorussian military field camp of the missile artillery regiment that has already been functioning for a month. Check out how the Belorussian army live in the field conditions, what the Belorussian soldiers eat and how dangerous the missile launcher “Uragan” is.

The field kitchen. While it is rather cold and rainy outside, the canteens (one is for warrant officers and contract soldiers, another one is for other soldiers) and kitchen are very warm. By the way, the menu is the same for both canteens.

Frying cutlets. In the field conditions they make 3-4 dishes daily for 40 persons.

The kitchen is fully autonomous and works on natural fuel – wood. It may work on diesel fuel as well.

Buckwheat porridge and stewed beef – traditional dish for the field camp.


Cutting vegetables for soup.

It’s gonna be soup with macaroni and canned stewed meat.

Besides, everyone will get fresh onion and garlic, neat juice and a piece of bacon.

The bacon looks rather good and gets eaten very quickly.

Making tea.

In the morning and in the evening they add condensed milk to the tea. The soldiers are regularly given boiled eggs, cheese and bread. The latter is always fresh because it’s delivered from the closest bakery.

Canned vegetables and salads are on the menu too.

Soldiers on duty should keep the kitchen and the canteens clean.


Sometimes they cook rather creatively and make such army sandwiches, for example, baked bread with canned beef and cheese.

But where do they store food?

It is stored at a specially equipped field storehouse or in a truck body like this.

Simple interior of the canteen.

Though they try to decorate it somehow.

By the way, they have honey here!


Now they have a lot of dirty disposable tableware.

Yes, it’s expensive but more safe at the same time, so they say.

Soldiers should be healthy and a poorly washed kettle may cause serious stomach diseases. Now they also save on fuel which used to be used by washing tableware.

Lunch time is over and the cooks have much to do now.

For the other soldiers it is high time to perform combat work with a missile launcher “Uragan”. The vehicles are well disguised in the woods.

Soon we see a helicopter in the sky, aboard it has a group of officers who have attentively examine all access ways to the ground to exclude any vehicles and people in the firing area.

The vehicles start moving to the firing position.


Officer in charge of firing exercises.

Unmanned aircraft shows up in the air.

It will provide information about the target coordinates.

Giving launching commands.

Finally two missiles are launched! Soon they hide behind the woods.

The first shots are sighting ones. Following the data received from the unmanned aircraft they will adjust their aim if necessary.


Only when all the missiles fall down behind the horizon the same helicopter with the group of officers flies up in the air again.

Their task is to examine the area where the missiles have fallen. Meanwhile the vehicles are leaving the field to hide in the woods again. The helicopter soon returned and the officers said that the combat task was fulfilled successfully.

Of course, the soldiers have to eat now, the next day won’t be any easier.

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  1. Dan says:

    An impressive field training exercise.

  2. john says:

    It all looks pretty good.

  3. Jean says:

    Thats more like it, be prepared for everything and don,t play games with us. GREAT.

  4. Leigh says:

    That field kitchen is pretty neat.. and the home made bee hive up in the tree.

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