1 Fire In the Village: No Chance to Save the House

Fire In the Village: No Chance to Save the House

Posted on February 23, 2014 by team

How does a house usually burn down in a village? If not extinguished in the very first moments it can hardly be saved, and people do not call the fire department because they still hope to manage the situation by their own efforts. But the house is burning down too fast, and when they realize their impotence they start to dial 01 with their trembling burnt fingers…

This fire department is a half military organisation. What do you think firemen do when they have no emergency calls? Sleeping? Nope. They can sleep at night only. During the daytime they should make the most of any spare minute.

The loudspeaker asks them to gather in a classroom for theoretical lessons. Besides that, they spend several hours a day on physical training. Drivers polish the windows of their vehicles and suddenly hear about a fire emergency! The same loudspeaker names the address and nature of the fire and another life begins for the firemen. In less than 40 seconds, two fully equipped fire trucks leave the department. Just think about it: 40 seconds to finish their classes, gather in the garage, put their suits on, get into the trucks, start them, remove shoes from under the wheels, open the gates and finally leave the vacinity of the fire department…


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  1. Erik says:

    Well done !!! What a great team !

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