0 Cooling Tower: What Is It?

Cooling Tower: What Is It?

Posted on February 20, 2014 by team

You have surely seen structures like this but do you know what they are used for?
Cooling towers are used for cooling a large amount of water by directed air flow. Today it is one of the most efficient facilities for water cooling in circulation supply systems of industrial companies. High towers create that very air draft required for efficient cooling of circulating water. Extraction towers serve to create a natural draft due to a thermal difference of the air supplied to the cooling tower and heated air coming out of it.

There is a catch basin under the irrigation ditch.

Due to the tower’s height some part of evaporation comes back to the cycle, another part is blown away by the wind. This is why no humidity, fog or ice form around them in winter time.

Cooling towers do not make water ice cold, the temperature of water supplied to a cooling tower is about 40-50C, when it comes out its temperature is 25-30C.


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