1 Far Eastern Marine Nature Reserve From the Air

Far Eastern Marine Nature Reserve From the Air

Posted on February 19, 2014 by team

Another set of pictures of the Far East of Russia taken from above. We are about to fly over the place inhabited by leopards, tigers and seals.

Coastal cliffs are where cormorants like to rest during a storm. Here they feel safe.

Ice floes rub against each other and their edges become rounded and acquire special trimming.

These cliffs are where omatsu (Pinus densiflora) trees are growing. Pine mushroom (matsutake) can also be found here. The Japanese believe it can successfully heal oncological deseases when eaten soon after being picked.

This cliff is called “Trousers”, you see why.

The territory of the nature reserve.

Andreevka village.

Its beach. People from Magadan, Amur and Khabarovsk regions keep coming here in summer but a trip to Thailand is less expensive, so they say.

Far Eastern seals.

They try to escape when see people.

The view from the nature reserve in the direction of Vladivostok.

Military targets that were used in the Soviet times for training pilots.

Popov island has an interesting shape…

The farm growing scallops.

Vladivostok fortress built in early XX century.

Russkiy Island. On the ice is a motorway for training and competitions.

Restored part of the Vladivostok fortress.

Unfortunately, too much was plundered and scrapped in the 90s…

And this is why we have come thousands of kilometers – an amazing Amur tiger! Oops, wrong photo….

Here it is!

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  1. Diogo Terra says:

    So rare and precious tigers. Wonder if they’re properly protected.

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