6 Here We Have Our Own Lamborghini

Here We Have Our Own Lamborghini

Posted on February 18, 2014 by team

Guys from Bishkek, Kirghizia, assembled a complete copy of a supercar Lamborghini Sesto Elemento in their little garage. They made many drawings and spent much money and this is what they get.

The real supercar costs over two million dollars. To make this one, only fifteen thousand dollars was spent. We say “only” just for comparison, the sum is still rather large for the guys.

They are satisfied with their job. It took three months to make this car and now Kirghizia has its one and only Lamborghini that will probably become world famous. It has already been mentioned by western mass media, including CNN and The New York Times.

While making this car, which greatly resembles the real Lamborghini model, the guys did not have the real one to copy from. Seriously, where could one be found in Bishkek?

A thirty year old Volvo 740 and the wheels of a BMW X5 were used as the basis. The body was assembled from metal, carbon steel and acrylic glass.

Unfortunately nobody can get inside it and have a drive, it’s just a mock-up that nevertheless has already become very popular here.

Now the guys plan to assemble another car, maybe not a luxury car, but a real one.

via macos

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6 Responses to “Here We Have Our Own Lamborghini”

  1. Tutan Camon says:

    China style……Is not a Lamborghini,is a poor copy……

    • Tony says:

      Sure you look over the pics, right? but did you read? and by the way, did your mom teach you to look down on poor people? and what is wrong with being China-style? they have the largest middle-class people on earth now, 300 million people, which is more than the size of the Russian population.

  2. Konstantin says:

    Why call it Lamborghini? They should be proud of their creation and give it a new name.Yes it was inspired by Lamborghini but it is different,it is theirs.

  3. THATONEGUY says:

    Looks pretty awesome! The wheels are too far out imho…

  4. Sri Lanka Boy says:

    what if they build there own super car. if they come so near they could do that right. good luck. russia got lot of talant people. true friend of Sri Lanka

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