2 Belorussian Village Inventor

Belorussian Village Inventor

Posted on February 18, 2014 by team

Those who live in the Plastok village of Belarus are not surprised anymore when see the new inventions of their neighbour. All summer long they can observe a hang-glider flying in the sky, and the wife of the inventor sometimes goes to the local feldsher’s station where she works, by a custom bright red electric car. Technical miracles of the man are already famous in legends in the remote Belorussian province.

Absolutely silent and so bright, the electric car is one of the cool inventions of Vasiliy.

Its maximum speed is 33 km/h, which is good enough. Once it is fully charged, it can drive for four days. The vehicle helps to save a lot of fuel.

It took Vasiliy three months to make the electric car. Everything, including its body, was made by hand. In the picture above is another one of Vasiliy’s vehicles – he based it on a LuAz. The factory engine was replaced with a more powerful Japanese one, and an automatic tensioning winch was mounted on the bumper. It does not look too presentable but it performs better than some off-road cars.

But the electric car is not his only creation. There is one more thing:

It’s the third and the best hang-glider made by Vasiliy (it’s the name of our inventor).


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  1. pzkpfwnz says:

    He’s found and old VW Beetle torsion bar front end…

  2. hugostv says:

    Read “The Tale of Cross-eyed Lefty from Tula and the Steel Flea”

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