1 Peoples Whose Ancestors Could Be Bears

Peoples Whose Ancestors Could Be Bears

Posted on February 17, 2014 by team

There is a legend about these people who are called Nivkhs and who inhabit Sakhalin today. They are said to have originated from a mountain tribe and be kin to bears.

It was believed that bear-humans sent bear cubs to the Nivkhs to be fed and taken care of for several years to subsequently participate in a deadly battle during a holiday. If a man was killed by a bear it was considered that he became a bear himself – locals believed he didn’t die, he just left for mountains. He was buried as a holy animal. So the Nivkhs had a tough past, you know.

That strange holiday was last celebrated in 1970! To be fair Sakhalin bears are not so big as Kamchatka ones and islanders had more chances to survive in such battles. The huge bears of Kamchatka would probably never leave humans alive…

The Nivkhs, their culture and traditions are almost extinct. Even those whom you see on these images have already died due to various reasons. The deer followed their owners….


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  1. Jean says:

    At least you can not deny them from having nice folktales, and no wonder when you see where they live.

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