2 The Most Expensive Luxury Hotel Apartments of Olympic Sochi

The Most Expensive Luxury Hotel Apartments of Olympic Sochi

Posted on February 13, 2014 by team

Here we are going to present to you the most expensive luxury apartments offered for guests of Sochi Olympics these days. The Russian government regulated the cost of Sochi hotel rooms to make them affordable but these regulations didn’t involve luxury rooms. This is the selection of Sochi hotel apartments whose price ranges from 50 000 to 1 million rubles (!) ($1500-$30000).

Solis Sochi Suites
Cost per day: 850 000 rubles ($25 750) (fixed)
Area: 583 m2.
Solis Sochi Suites is ideal for solitary rest. The hotel has 52 rooms which sooner resemble private apartments: the area of the smallest room of the Superior Category is 43 m2.
The hotel is located 960 meters above sea level, on the territory of the resort complex “Gorki-Gorod”.

Cost per day: 230 000 rubles ($7000) (fixed).
Area: 162 m2.
The room called Deluxe Suite Modern is one of the most prestigious in Sochi. This design was created by court decorators of the queen of the Netherlands. The hotel apartment has three rooms: bedroom, living room with a fireplace and a study. It also has a rotunda – a glass room with a view at the Black Sea shore. The hotel itself is surrounded by the park with fountains and sculptures. If the weather is dull, residents may relax in one of the largest SPAs in Europe or visit a 3D movie hall.


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  1. Jean says:

    Who dares to say that RODINA is a backward country, Look at it, and be sure they surpass near everyone. And it shows the RUSSIAN thought of living.

  2. Muzzlehatch says:

    Interesting. On US TV we only heard about hotel rooms with side-by-side toilets and missing door knobs.

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