0 Bell Ringer: Old Profession In Modern Time

Bell Ringer: Old Profession In Modern Time

Posted on February 13, 2014 by team

Profession of a church bell ringer has existed for a thousand years, though today it is quite rare. When we think about it we often imagine a white-bearded old man in a long robe, but how do modern bell ringers really look? Let us check this out.

Meet Alexey, he works as a system administrator in a company in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He spends his working days at a computer, but at the same time he has another profession – he’s a bell ringer at Ascension Cathedral in Almaty. In the morning, prior to his working day, he comes to the belfry of the church and gives a signal for a morning prayer.

People have come for holy water on the day of Epithany.


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