1 A Flight Into The Future

A Flight Into The Future

MSN2 and MSN4 (Qatar Airways) will join the program of test flights in the nearest future. Thus, MSN5 will start its flight in spring. certification of the plane is planned for the III quarter of 2014. It was ordered by Qatar Airways.

Total amount of orders for A350 accounts for 812 machines. The majority of companies are represented by foreigners.

A350 was ordered by a Russian company, too. Aeroflot ordered 22 planes.

Cabin windows.

Escape exit.

The glass of this side window is divided into two parts. The upper part is magnifying. What can it be for?

Conditioning system.

And do you have an idea of what it can be? Located in the remote part of the cabin.

The A350 XWB family includes three models such as А350-800 (276 passengers), А350-900 (315 passengers) and А350-1000 (369 passengers).

The planes can accomplish continuous flights at the distance of 15,700 km.


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  1. Jean says:

    Russian airplanes suchs as Tupolev and Iljoesjin are just as CAPABLE to build planes like this and it brings also forward the technological knowledge of Russia.

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