3 Secrets of the Olympic Opening Ceremony In Sochi

Secrets of the Olympic Opening Ceremony In Sochi

Posted on February 12, 2014 by team

The Opening Ceremony of Sochi Olympic Games became not only a very bright event but also the most technology-savvy one. We want to show you what inventions and effects were used by the orginizers.

“Fischt” stadium was fully rebuilt so they managed to accomodate the large system of carriages under its cupola. To make the decorations move in a straight line, parallel to the floor they applied computer-assisted control.

The suspended and ground decorations themselves were started to be made four months before the opening ceremony. Many countries participated in the process: the USA, Canada, England, Australia, the Netherlands and Sweden. Thus the statues “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman”, the famous landmark of the monumental art, was made in the Netherlands from synthetic fabric. Internal overpressure providing the shape of the statues was created by 7-11 industrial fans.

72 moving decorations and 817 actors were used to make the industrialization show. Height of tractors – 4-6 meters, length – up to 12 meters, weight – about one ton. The construction was put in motion by the actors. Total number of actors of the entire show was about 3000.

One of the most spectacular scenes of the show – flying islands with different landscapes. Each was about twenty six meters long, the metal frame was covered with foam plastic, the islands were mechanical inside. Various moving elements (animals) were on those islands, each of them was separately controlled.

One of the most technically complicated decorations was probably the huge troika (three horses harnessed abreast). Its length amounted to 23 m, height – 20 m, weight – 9 tons. The troika was made in Sweden in full secrecy, some people even said that it was assembled at some underground military base.

The mascots were made in Australia. They were moving on electric vehicles, each was contolled by a driver and a puppeteer-operator. Animation was provided by built-in electric motors, each figure had several cameras to simplify the work of the operators. Breathing of the “animals” was imitated by supply of compressed air from the tanks.


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3 Responses to “Secrets of the Olympic Opening Ceremony In Sochi”

  1. john says:

    Russia did an outstanding job with the whole event.

  2. dolores says:

    Sorry dear, like many Westerners, we’re boycotting the Russian Olympics due to your country’s narrow-minded bigotry. We will embrace all you have when you learn to be tolerant, open-minded people like other advanced, civilized societies. Until then, you can degenerate in your backward prejudice and phobias.

  3. Pom2Ter says:

    Shut up dolores.
    Canada and a lot of other western countries are not boycotting the olympics. In fact many canadian and american companies were involved in the opening ceremony. I’m not saying I agree with Russia for their views on that subject but I think at one point its the olympics, not a gay pride parade.

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