8 New Planes to Our Army

New Planes to Our Army

Posted on February 12, 2014 by tim


Hi again. Here we have some nice news! One of the air divisions have got new SU-35S equipped with Saturn-AL31 engines, costing at around 50 million dollars a piece. The air force base which got them is said to be in the Far East and their approximate flight range is 3,500 kms.




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8 Responses to “New Planes to Our Army”

  1. Jean says:

    Sleek, Beautiful, Capable, DEADLY. Bringing the flowers of peace to OUR enemy,s. All GLORY for OUR MOTHERLAND AND WOMAN.

  2. tony says:

    Strange to see clergy blessing armament.

  3. J-20 says:

    Su-7 is better. Su-17 is the best Russian Jet fighter plane ever created, by my on opinion. Su-35 is genious, but its not for me.

  4. J-20 says:

    not enought educated to understand Su-35 systems (IQ level.).

  5. john says:

    Excellent aircraft.

  6. fg says:

    Inga (Suška) :))

  7. fg says:


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