6 Life And Work of Field Surveyors

Life And Work of Field Surveyors

Posted on February 9, 2014 by team

February 8 is a professional holiday for military field surveyors. Their work is very important for aimers. Right now we are going to see how modern Russian field surveyors live and work, what an army navigator and a life support module are and much more.

Topographic service of the Soviet armed forces.

“Suicide is the vilest, most shameful and paltry way to die”.

The history of topography shown by the equipment itself.

Mobile units.

Now they know their tasks and are ready to perform them. By the way, these guys always have good eyesight.


Device installation takes less than a minute.

Device in operation.

Kalashnikov guns are always behind their backs.

The first task is complete.

Old and new navigators (2011 to the right and 2013 to the left). It’s simply unreal to break them, they can even withstand a nuclear explosion, and they never lose connection.

New army navigator.

One more device.

Another side:


It is forbidden to shoot:

– at people;

– at targets closer than 100m;

– at well-reflecting targets closer than five kilometres”.


Mobile command center.

They can work even during transportation.

The most modern command center.

3D projecting.

We are invited into the life support module – military men usually come here to warm up between drill sessions.

But this place is actually suitable for life!

Nobody will be hungry!

Waiting for new tasks!

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6 responses to “Life And Work of Field Surveyors”

  1. Osip says:

    So, they would be lost without the USA GPS equipments?

  2. tony says:

    The laser transits used by the Russian Army are designed and manufactured by an American company, Trimble. In case of hostilities, where would the army obtain spare parts_

  3. iii says:

    Are they really going to use BRIGHT yellow and red versions in the army?

  4. Jean says:

    I have done that to (even in the snow) but nowdays the army is using small drones to discover targets of opportunity, you can send them anywhere and when one get lost you just send another. No deaths no problem. And with a militairzed laptop or tablet (Samsung) the world is at (or better) in your hands.

  5. George Johnson says:

    George Washington was a surveyor. Been doing this stuff this way for a long time.

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