0 Highly Upgraded Version of Tupolev 154

Highly Upgraded Version of Tupolev 154

Posted on February 9, 2014 by team

Tupolev Tu-154 (NATO reporting name: Careless) is a three-engine medium-range narrow-body airliner designed in the mid-1960s. Tu-154M – its most upgraded version, together with significant aerodynamic refinement, this led to much lower fuel consumption and therefore longer range, as well as lower operating costs.

In the background is an Il-86 that is not in use anymore.

Some more images of the Ilyushin.

Back to the Tupolev! The most interesting view is inside the cabin, of course!

Maybe the images do not convey it but it’s rather cosy…

The seat of co-pilot.

The place of a flight engineer.

Business class cabin, the front chairs are demounted.

Are these pictures a sign of business class?

Economy class.

View from the cabin window.

These dogs are not afraid of noise anymore.

Some more views.

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